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Vocab Set 2

What is communication? Communication is the way people connect or understand each other through different ways such as talking. -Verbal communication -Nonverbal communication
What are refusal skills? Refusal skills are the ability to avoid being involved or caught up in risky situations. -Being able to say "no" continuously to a dangerous offer -Questioning someone about possibly risky activity who is trying to get someone else to do it
What is self-esteem? Self-esteem is the way you feel about yourself or having personal confidence. -Being comfortable with what you wear to school everyday -Not caring what others think of you
What is stress? Stress is the way your body responds to certain conditions or pressures. -Acute stress -Chronic stress
What are goals? Goals are the things that you strive towards or something that you want to accomplish. -Long-term goal -Short-term goal
What is a short-term goal? A short-term goal is something that you want to complete in the near future such as in a day, a week, a month, or in less than 12 months. -Trying out for a school sport -Getting a new hair do
What is a long-term goal? A long-term goal is something that you can't complete in a week or a month. It takes more time and dedication. -Starting a new business -Buying a new house
What is an action plan? An action plan is a strategy used for identifying and achieving goals. -Planning to quit doing drugs -Trying to lose weight
What is a decision making model? A decision making model is when you use facts, s step-by-step process, and analysis to make a decision. - Trying to decide whether or not 2+2=4 -Deciding whether or not you should go to college
What are health skills? Health skills are a strategy or tools that you use to make better health choices. -Stress Management -Conflict Resolution
Created by: Leah_J