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Chinese American Culture

Chinese Confucianism A social philosophy that has been adapted as a religion in the Western world. It expresses a balance between spirituality and sociality in ancient China.
Chinese Taoism Forceful belief wherein there is integration of spirituality and society as well as oneness of the individual person with the universe. It involves theories on how to keep harmony and inner peace in relation to the universe.
Chinese Buddhism Spiritual fruit of three beliefs in China. This belief is strongly influenced by Chinese local culture.
Chinese Superstitions Considered as taboo and anti-science but proven wrong otherwise. Feng Shu is the most popular superstition and it is an environmentally-friendly theory that is internationally accepted. This also includes Yin and Yang and traditional Chinese medicines.
Values/Beliefs about Spirituality They traditionally follow the rule of searching answers through natural reason to understand human phenomenon. The Chinese philosophy is centered on the human nature and being.
Chinese philosophers Their mission is to set up "heart for heaven and earth, set up fate for the people, succeed the remained knowledge for the past generation and bring peace to the next generations to come."
Chinese natural healing Based on the balance and harmony of the person, that is, the healthy lifestyle for disease management. It is usually about energy healing.
Spirituality and Health Foundations are built on thousands of years of culture and philosophy of Buddhism, Taoism, Zen. It includes the nine pillars of wisdom in the art of living well.
Created by: jerla_long