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Hatha energy

PAC 156

Bandha energy lock
prana vital energy
bandha - jalandhara chin lock - heart, brain, thyroid, parathyroid
bandha - uddiyana abdominal lock - digestive system, solar plexus, tone, massage, cleanse
bandha - mula root or anal lock - pelvis, excretory system
bandha - maha all 3 locks
Mudra hand gesture to seal vital energy
mudra - varuna thumb to pinky, balance of fluids, circulation, skin
mudra - agni base of thumb to ring, increase metabolism, digestion, cholesterol
mudra - prithvi thumb to ring - self-preservation, muscle tone, security, strength
mudra - akasha thumb to middle, mindfulness, earache
mudra - vayu index down, thumb over, release wind, increase digestion, rheumatic pain
mudra - gyana thumb to index tip, meditation, knowledge
Shad Kriya purification, cleansing
Shad Kriya - neti nasal, salt water opens nostrils
Shad Kriya - dhauti stomach, chug warm water
Shad Kriya - nauli abdominal, massage organs
Shad Kriya - kapalabhati respiratory, deep fast exhalation
Shad Kriya - tratak eyes, focus on candle
Shad Kriya - basti colon, enema
Nadis passages of astral tube for psycho spiritual energy, 72000, sushumna, ida, pingala
chakra wheel of energy, nadis coming together, energy from base of head
7 chakras root, spleen, solar, heart, throat, brow, crown
Kundalini coiled serpent, spiritual cosmic energy at base of spine, travels through chakras
Created by: Cramminggenius