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Raja Yoga - 8 Branch

PAC 156

Yama Ethical Guidelines
Yama - Ahimsa Nonviolence -kindness, self-care, healthy relationships
Yama - Satya Being truthful -assert own beliefs, critical thinking, free from fear and guilt
Yama - Asteya No stealing -respect others privacy and possessions, don't take advantage of others, be creative and honour your and others ideas
Yama - Brahmacharya Self-control -practice moderation
Yama - Aprigraha No greed -simplification instead of accumulating or hoarding
Niyama Positive habits
Niyama - Saucha Cleanliness and purity -physical, verbal, mental, emotional
Niyama - Santosha Contentment -contentment, optimism, gratitude
Niyama - Tapa Determination to keep goals -habit of self-discipline, self-efficacy, self-confidence, self-respect
Niyama - Svadhyaya Self-study -promotes introspective
Niyama - Ishvara Pranidhana Looking for meaning in the world and situations
Asana Physical postures
Pranayama Breath Awareness -link between mind and body
Pratyahara Withdrawal of senses
Dharna Concentration -ability to focus
Dhayana Meditation -reflect on one thing -meditation in doing daily actions of while seated still
Samadhi Enlightenment -awakened mind and body -culminating experience of connection
Created by: Cramminggenius