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H. Sci. Tech review1

Review of health science and tech

ORTHRODOX JEWS They do not eat pork. They eat meat and dietary product on separate dishes
MUSLIM They pray several times a day on pray rug, they do eat pork.
SEVEN DAY ADVENTISTS They have church services on Saturday
MASLOW HIERACHY A famous psychologist developed basic need pyramid. The physical needs starts as the most important, then move up the chart.
DOCTOR (MD) Doctor that treats and prevents disease, disorders. The MD degree will allow
Dermatologist Doctor that treats diseases of the skin, pressure ulcers
Psychologist Doctor that treats human behavior and helps individuals with problems of everyday living.
Oncologist Doctor that diagnoses and treatment of tumors (cancer)
Podiatrist (DPM) doctor that deals with diagnoses, and treat disease/disorders of the feet or the leg below the knee.
Physician Assistant (PA) This person works under supervision of the physician, take medical histories, examinations, diagnostic tests, treat minor injuries and prescribe treatments
Register Nurse The nurse follows the MD orders, supervises STNA or PCT. They can work as charge nurse, supervisor or director of nursing
License Practice Nurse This nurse works under the supervision of RN and MD. but they supervises STNA and PCT
STATE TESTED NURSING ASSISTANT They do all the personal care for thepatient, transfers, admission, and vital signs.
PATIENT CARE TECHNICIAN They do personal care, transfers, admission, vital sign, tube-feeding, ostomy care. They usually work in hospital setting
HOME HEALTH AIDE They take care of resident in their own home.
PHLEBOTOMIST They perform venipuncture, collect blood, prepare it for testing. The testing could be CBC, PTT. Dilantin level, liver panel
PHARMACIST Dispense medication per written from doctors. Recommend nonprescription items to customers, ensure drug compatibility, maintain records
PHARMACIST TECHNICIAN This person works under supervision of the Pharmacists, help prepare medication for dispensing to patients. Label Medication, order supplies, and etc.
Created by: healthjuniors