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drug health test

8th grade

what is a depressant substance that slows down body functions and reactions
substance that slows things down is also known as a depressant
drug that speeds things up is also known as a stimulant
stimulant drugs that speed up activity in human brain and spinal cord
narcotics specific drugs that are obtainable only by prescription and are used to relieve pain
hallucinogens drugs that disort moods thoughts and senses
cannabis it acts through the cannaboid receptors in the brain
what is physical dependence your body feels a need
what is a phycological dependence the mind sends a message to the body saying it needs more of the drug
name some common withdraw symtoms increased pain sensibility, insomnia, lack or increased appitite, aniexty, sweating, and depression
what is alcoholism a mental illness and compulsive behavior resulting from alcohol dependence
drug tolerance diminution in the body's response to drug after repeating
what organ breaks down alcohol liver
what drug commonly has flashbacks LSD
what is the phychoative ingredient in marijuana cannabis
what drug category is prescribed to patients who have ADHD prescription stimulants
what are common effects of meth oral cancer, addiction, and rapid or irregular heart beat
what is the addictive substance in tobacco products nicotine
why are people who use drugs that are injected with needles at a higher risk for hiv because people commonly use dirty needles and someone who is HIV positive could have used it
Created by: kerrie.reed