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Human Body

How many bones are in the human body? 206
Pound for pound, bone is stronger than what? concrete
Where is the strength of the bone located? inside
Almost half of our bone mass is? soft and alive
How many years does it take to completely replace the whole bone? 7
Bones are as unique as? fingerprint
Muscle tissue works by contracting, pulling on bone like? lever
How many fiber does each muscle have? thousands
Each person use about how much fiber at one time 1/3
Can technology match bone strength? no
Running put a strain on our legs how many times our body weight? 3
A jump can put stress on our body how many times of our body weight? 10
Ligaments are twice as tough as what? nylon rope
What connective tissues is between the ends of two leg bones? cartilage
Cartilage is so strong it can bear how much before it gives away? 7 tons
Pressure on a toe amounts to what? 3 elephants
What is the biochemical reaction? adrenaline
What is ATP? adenosine triphosphate
What does ATP fuel? Muscle Contraction
Walking coordinates how many muscles? 200
Steering a car takes how many muscles? 100
Muscles in legs take order from how many nerves? 500
How many nerves controls our hand? 4000
Each hand has how many bones and muscles? 27 bones 30 muscles
How many hours of energy does a person have? 2-3 hours
What does the body do to keep someone going when they hit the "wall"? canabalize
Muscular Strength the ability to exert maximal force against resistance in a single effort
Muscular Endurance the ability to exert submaximal force repeatedly over a period of time
Created by: Thanhvy