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Chapter 12 Vocab

Illegal Drugs

Anabolic Steroid A synthetic version of the male hormone testosterone that is used to promote muscle development.
Depressant A drug that causes relaxation and sleepiness.
Club (Designer) Drug A drug made to closely resemble a common illegal drug in chemical structure and effect.
Drug Abuse The intentional improper or unsafe use of a drug.
Hallucinogen A drug that distorts perceptions, causing the user the see or hear things that are not real.
Inhalant A drug that is inhaled as a vapor.
Intervention Confronting a drug user about his or her drug abuse problem to stop him or her from using drugs.
Marijuana The dried flowers and leaves of the plant "Cannabis Sativa" that are smoked or mixed in food and eaten for intoxicating effects.
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Drug withdrawal that occurs in newborn infants whose mothers were frequent drug users while pregnant.
Opiates A group of highly addictive drugs derived from the poppy plant that are used as pain relievers, anesthetics, and sedatives.
Overdose The taking of too much of a drug, which causes sickness, loss of consciousness, permanent damage, or even death.
Recovering The process of learning to live without drugs.
Relapse A return to using drugs while trying to recover from drug addiction.
Stimulant A drug that temporarily increase a person's energy and alertness.
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