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Chapter 10 Vocab


Alcohol The drug in wine, beer, and liquor that causes intoxication.
Alcohol Abuse Drinking too much alcohol, drinking it too often, or drinking it at inappropriate times.
Alcoholism A disease that causes a person to lose control of his or her drinking behavior; a physical and emotional addiction to alcohol.
Binge Drinking The act of drinking five or more drinks in one sitting.
Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) The amount of alcohol in a person's blood, expressed as a percentage.
Cirrhosis A deadly disease that replaces healthy liver tissue with scar tissue; most often caused by long-term alcohol abuse.
Codependency A condition in which a family member or friend sacrifices his or her own needs to meet the needs of an addict.
Designated Driver A person who chooses not to drink alcohol in a social setting so that he or she can safely drive himself or herself and others
Enabling Helping an addict avoid the negative consequence of his or her own behavior.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) A set of physical and mental defects that affect a fetus that has been exposed to alcohol because of the mother's consumption of alcohol during pregnancy,
Intoxication The physical and mental changes produced by drinking alcohol.
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