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Chapter 5 Vocabulary

Preventing Violence and Abuse

Abuse Physical or emotional harm to someone.
Bullying Scaring or controlling another person by using threats or physical force.
Date Rape Sexual intercourse that is forced on a victim by someone the victim knows.
Domestic Violence The use of force to control and maintain power over a spouse in the home.
Hazing Harassing newcomers to a group in an abusive and humiliating way.
Incest Sexual activity between family members who are not husband and wife.
Neglect The failure of a caretaker to provide for basic needs, such as food, clothing, or love.
Negotiation A bargain or compromise for a peaceful solution to a conflict.
Peer Mediation A technique in which a trained outsider who is your age help people in a conflict come to a peaceful resolution.
Sexual Abuse Any sexual act that happens without consent.
Sexual Assault Any sexual activity in which force or the threat of force is used.
Sexual Harrassment Any unwanted remark, behavior, or touch that has sexual content.
Tolerance The ability to overlook differences and to accept people for who they are; also a condition in which a user needs more of a drug to get the same effect.
Violence Physical force that is used to harm people or damage property.
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