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Chapter 6 Vocabulary

Physical Fitness for Life

Anabolic Steroid A synthetic version of the male hormone testosterone used for promoting muscle growth and development.
Chronic Disease A disease that develops gradually and continues over a long period of time.
Circadian Rhythm The body's internal system for regulating sleeping and waking patterns.
Dehydration A state in which the body has lost more water than it has taken in.
Dietary Supplement Any product that is taken by mouth, that can contain a dietary ingredient, and that is labeled as a dietary supplement.
FITT A formula made up of the four parts of fitness training: frequency, intensity, time, type.
Health-Related Fitness Fitness qualities that are necessary to maintain and promote a healthy body.
Insomnia An inability to sleep even if one is physically exhausted.
Overtraining A condition that occurs as a result of exceeding the recommendations of the FITT formula.
Physical Fitness The ability of the body to perform daily physical activities without becoming short of breath, sore, or overly tired.
Repetitions The number of times that an exercise is performed.
Resting Heart Rate (RHR) The number of times that the heart beats per minute while the body is at rest.
Set A fixed number of repetitions followed by a rest period.
Sleep Apnea A sleeping disorder characterized by interruptions of normal breathing patterns during sleep.
Sleep Deprivation A lack of sleep.
Target Heart Rate Zone A heart rate range within which the most gains in cardio-respiratory health will occur.
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