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7th Grade Health - Physical Activity & Health

What is physical activity? Movement that causes your body to use energy
What is the ability to handle every day physical activities without becoming tired? Fitness
How does your physical health benefit from physical activity? Higher energy level
How does physical activity benefit your social health? More chances to meet new people, practice cooperating with others
How does physical activity benefit your mental/emotional health? Reduced stress, increased self confidence
What is strength? Ability of your muscles to exert force, the most work your muscles can do at one time
What is endurance? Intense physical activity without getting tired
What are the two basic types of endurance? Heart & Lung and Muscle endurance
What type of exercise requires large amounts of oxygen and works the heart? Aerobic exercise
Intense physical activity that requires little oxygen but involves short bursts of energy is? Anaerobic exercise
What is the ability to move joints fully and easily? Flexibility
Weight lifting and sprinting are examples of what kind of exercise? Anaerobic exercise
Jogging and swimming are examples of what kind of exercise? Aerobic exercise
What are the 3 elements of fitness? Strength, Endurance, Flexibility