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tobacco/alcohol 8th

nicotine highly addictive drug found in all tobacco products
carbon monoxide a gas that makes it hard for the blood to carry oxygen
tar a sticky substance that can coat the airways and can cause cancer
types of tobacco cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, clove cigarettes, bidis, snuff
chronic effects consequences that remain with a person for a long time
effects of smoking bad breath, yellow teeth, dulled taste buds, shortness of breath
environmental tobacco smoke secondhand smoke, the mix of exhaled smoke and smoke from the end of a lit cigarette
legal age for smoking 18
cancer a disease in which damaged cells grow out of control and destroy healthy tissue
chronic bronchitis a disease in which the lining of the airways becomes very swollen and irritated
emphysema a disease in which the tiny air sacs and walls of the lungs are destroyed
cardiovascular diseases diseases of the circulatory system, includes heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke
smoking related cardiovascular disease deaths per year 150,000
non smoker deaths per year exposed to ETS 30,000 per year
tolerance the process of the body getting used to a drug, need more of something to feel the effects
physical dependence a state in which the body needs a drug to function normally
drug addiction the inability to control one's use of a drug
psychological dependence a state in which you think you need a drug in order to function
withdrawal the way in which the body responds when a dependent person stops using a drug
symptoms of withdrawal anxiety, irritability, nauseated, headaches, poor concentration
relapse to begin using a drug again after stopping for a while
nicotine replacement therapy a form of medicine that contains safe amounts of nicotine
peer pressure strong influence from a friend or classmates
central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord, controls speech, thinking, breathing, senses, and motion
depressant a drug that slows body functioning
blood alcohol concentration amount of alcohol in the bloodstream
factors that contribute to individual reactions to alcohol body weight, gender, food in the stomach, alcohol tolerance,
intoxication the physical and mental changes produced by drinking alcohol
alcohol poisoning the damage to physical health caused by drinking too much alcohol
hangover the uncomfortable physical effects caused by alcohol use
cirrhosis a deadly disease that replaces healthy liver tissue with useless scar tissue
fetal alcohol syndrome the group of birth defects that affect an unborn baby that has been exposed to alcohol
inhibition a mental or psychological process that restrains your actions, emotions, and thoughts
internal pressure to drink curiosity, to be accepted into a group, to fit in, low self-esteem
external pressure to drink advertisements, family, targeted marketing
alcoholism a disease in which a person is physically and psychologically dependent on alcohol
recovery learning to live without alcohol
Created by: adafler