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Emotional Health

What defines the condition of uniqueness associated with developing high self-esteem? feeling respected for your differences.
What behaviors indicate high stress levels in students? frequent headaches, sighing, nausea, fitness, nervous habits, crying, persistent itching, nail and lip biting
How does exercise help manage stress? it activates hormones and fatigues skeletal muscles
How is the emotional health of a five-year-old different from a nine-year-old? A five-year-old wants to please adults and a nine-year-old seeks friendly adult relationships
What is considered a grieving task? excepting the reality of the loss, working through the pain of grief, adjusting to the new environment, and moving on with life.
What is the cause of bulimia? fear of becoming fat and difficulty controlling food consumption
What are symptoms of anorexia? developing strict food rituals, avoiding eating certain foods, denying hunger, exercising excessively, withdrawing from friends, and commenting about being fat.
What are the Kubler-Ross stages of dying? denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.
What are the qualities of a self actualized person? The five characteristics are a sense of realism, a sense of acceptance, a sense of autonomy, a sense of creativity, and the capacity for intimacy.
What are the task-based stages of response to life threatening illness? pretty diagnostic phase, acute phase, chronic phase, recovery/death phase.
Created by: Dfrey82