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A nutrient needed by the body and that must be supplied by foods is termed a(n) essential nutrient.
All of the following are results of making poor food choices except when made over just a single day, they exert great harm to your health.
Gram for gram, which of the following provides the most energy? Fats
Which of the following is an organic compound? Vitamin C
Which of the following is an example of a macronutrient? Protein
Which of the following is not one of the six classes of nutrients? Fiber
What is the chief reason people choose the foods they eat? Taste
What is the kcalorie value of a meal supplying 110 g of carbohydrates, 25 g of protein, 20 g of fat, and 5 g of alcohol? 755
A diet provides a total of 2200 kcalories, of which 40% of the energy is from fat and 20% from protein. How many grams of carbohydrate are contained in the diet? 220
The goal of Healthy People is to set goals for the nation's health over the next 10 years.
Which of the following does not describe a national trend in eating habits of Americans? We eat more high-fiber foods
Which of the following best describes a college-educated nutrition and food specialist who is qualified to make evaluations of the nutritional health of people? Registered dietitian
A person who assists registered dietitians has the formal title of dietetic technician.
Providing enough, but not an excess, of a food is a diet-planning principle known as moderation.
What are the principles of diet planning? Adequacy, balance, kcalorie control, moderation, and variety
Nutrient dense refers to foods that provide more nutrients relative to kcalories.
A food label that advertises the product as a "rich source of fiber" is an example of a nutrient claim.
According to nutrition labeling laws, the amounts of what two vitamins must be listed on the package label as percent Daily Value? Vitamins A and C
According to nutrition labeling laws, what two minerals must be listed on the package label as percent Daily Value? Calcium and Iron
An empty-kcalorie food is one that contains energy and little or no protein, vitamins or minerals.
Approximately what minimum percentage of all grains consumed by a person should be whole grains 50
The addition of calcium to some orange juice products by food manufacturers is most properly termed nutrient fortification.
On a food label, the "% Daily Value" table compares key nutrients per serving for a person consuming how many kcalories daily? 2000
How many subgroups comprise the vegetable food group? 5
In which of the following food groups are legumes found? Meats
What two major nutrients are supplied by the fruit and vegetable groups? Vitamins A and C
Which of the following foods provides empty calories for the person on a weight reduction diet? Fruit with whipped cream
Which of the following product labels always denotes a whole-grain product? Whole-wheat
All of the following sets of values are included in the Dietary Reference Intakes except LUT.
How are the RDA for almost all vitamin and mineral intakes set? High, to cover virtually all healthy individuals
The amount of a nutrient that meets the needs of about 98% of a population is termed the Recommended Dietary Allowance.
What does the Tolerable Upper Intake Level of a nutrient represent? The maximum amount from all sources that appears safe for most healthy people
What is the AMDR for carbohydrate? 45-65%
What is the AMDR for fat? 20-35%
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