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Chapter 6 vocabulary


Physical fitness The ability of the body to carry out daily physical activities without getting out of breath,sore,or overly tired
Chronic disease A disease that developes gradually and persists over a long period of time
Muscular strength The amount of force that a muscle can apply in a given contract
Muscular endurance The ability of the muscles to keep working over a period of time
Anaerobic activity Muscle cells produce energy without using oxygen
Cardio respiratory endurance Is the ability of your heart ,blood vessels,lungs,and blood to deliver oxygen and nutrients to all of your body's cells while you are being physical active
Aerobic activity Muscle cells use oxygen to produce energy for movement
Resting heart rate (RHR) Is the number of time the heart beats per minute while at rest,such as just before you get up from a good nights sleep
Flexibility Is the ability of joints to move through their full range of motion
Body composition Refers to the ratio of lean body tissue to body fat tissue
Skill related fitness Describes components of fitness that are important for good athletic performance
Fitt The formula is made up of four important parts of fitness training
Frequency Enough times per week
Intensity Hard enough
Repetitions The number of times an exercise is repeated
Set Fixed number of repetitions followed by a rest period
Overtraining Caused by exceeding the remmendations of the Fitt formula training too much,too intensitly,or too quickly for your abilities
RICE Is applied as first aid when an injury occurs but it is also useful during recovery
Dietary supplement Is any product taken by mouth that can contain dietary ingredient and is labeled as a dietary supplement
Anabolic steroids Are synthetic versions of the male hormone that are used to promot muscle development
Sleep deprivation A lack of sleep
Circadian rhythm Body's internal system for regulating sleeping and walking patterns
Insomnia An ability to sleep even if one is physically exhausted
Sleep apnea Is a serious sleeping disorder which there are unnormal breathing patterns when you are sleeping
Dehydration A state in which the body has lost more water than is taken in
Target heart rate zone Is normally between 60-85 percent of your maximum heart rate
Coordination Skilled and on level on what you are doing
Speed How fast you can go or slow
Power How strong,or how big you are
Reaction time How fast you notice or see something
Balance Steady and equalierium level
Agility How fast and skilled you are
Created by: Lilly Rehm