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Human Needs & Death

Human Needsand Death a nd Dying

TERMINAL ILLNESS A disease that cannot be cured and will result in death.
DENIAL STAGE This stage occurs when a person is first told of a terminal illness " No, not me"
ANGER STAGE This stage occurs when the person is no longer able to deny death. " Why me or It is all your fault"
BARGAINING STAGE This stage occurs when patients accept death but wants more time to live. They turn to faith and spiritual beliefs.
DEPRESSION STAGE This stage occurs when patient realize death will come soon and they will no longer be with their family.
ACCEPTANCE STAGE This is the final stage, the patient understand and accepts the fact that they are going to die.
HOSPICE They offer palliative care. Care that provides support and comfort. It can be offered at hospital, medical centers and special facilities. Most frequently it is offered in the home.
MASLOW'S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS A psychologist developed a rank of human needs. The lower needs should be met before an individual can strive to meet higher needs. Start with the lowest need of physiological needs=> safety, =>affection=>esteem and=> self-actaulization (highest need). it shown in a triangle form
PHYSIOLOGICAL NEED The lowest need and most important needs. They include food, water, oxygen, elimination of waste, sleep
SAFETY NEED This need becomes important after physioloical needs are met. the need to be free from anxiety and fear and need to feel secure.
LOVE AND AFFECTION NEED A warm tender feeling for another person. This is the third level of maslow's need. it includes sexuality.
SELF ESTEEM NEED The 4th level includes feeling important and worthwhile. When others show respect, approval and appreciation, then the person feels esteemed,
SELF ACTUALIZATION NEED Also called self- realization. It is the final need in Maslow's human needs. When aperson has obtain their fullest potential. People are confident and willing to express their beliefs. They are willing to assistance others.
DEFENSE MECHANISMS Unconscious acts that help a erson deal with an unpleasant situation or socially unacceptable behavior
RATIONALIZATION Defense mechanism that using a reasonable excuse or explanation for behavior to avoid a real reason. " I can not go to physical therapy because I had a stroke"
PROJECTION Defense Mechanism that places blame fro one's own action on someone else or on circumstances. "The teacher failed me because she does not like me"
DISPLACEMENT Defense Mechanism that transferring feeling about one person to someone else. It occurs when the person can not direct the feeling toward the responsible person. "The employee can not yell at boss, related that he may be fired. So the employee comes home and yells at children for no reason at all."
COMPENSATION Defense Mechanism that substitutes one goal for another goal to achieve success. " Joan can not afford medical school to become Doctor, so she becomes a physician assistant
REPRESSION Defense Mechanism that transfer unacceptable or painful ideas, feeling and thoughts into the unconscious mind. "A girl was rape at 4 years old. At 29 years old, she does not remember it happening"
SUPPRESSION Defense Mechanism that is similar to repression but this person is aware of the unacceptable feeling or thoughts and refuses to deal with it. "A woman ignores a lump in her breast and refused to go to the doctor"
REGRESSION Defense mechanism that retreats to a previous developmental level that provided more safety and security than the current level. "8 year old boy regresses to sucking his thumb to avoid the conflicts and stress of illness or hospitalization"
WITHDRAWAL Defense mechanism where the person either cease to communicate or remove themselves physically from a situation
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