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Health chapter 13

Term Description
Infections diseases caused by agents invading the body
5 agents Bacteria,viruses,fungi,Protozoans,parasites
Bacteria single celled organisms,some cause disease,some are harmless or ever helpful to the body
Viruses Invade and replicate inside living cells (HIV,colds,flu)
Fungi absorbance use the nutrients or living or dead organisms(athletes foot,ringworm)
Protozoans accounts for some of the leading cause of death (Malaria)
Parasites feed on other living things (inside the body-,hook worms,tape worms) (outside the body-lice,leeches,ticks,fleas)
Antibiotics kill or slow the growth of bacteria
Antibiotics resistance a condition in which bacteria can no longer be killed by a particular antibiotic
Treating viral diseases Most antiviral medications focus on relieving symptoms
Treating Fungal infections some are treatable with OTC's(over-the-counter) . Others require RX
Treating Protozoans infections the protection is preventing,using good hygiene and sanitation
Treating Parasites ex: head lice can be treated with medicated shampoos
Ways your body fights diseases physical barriers-skin,Mucous Membranes(trap pathogens),Inflammation(and infections) -a normal reaction to injury, Immune system, white blood cells defend the body, Antibodies-proteins that mark pathogens to be destroyed
Common Bacterial Diseases strep throat,Meningitis-inflammation of membranes around the brain, Sinus infection,Salmonella
Common viral diseases Flu,cold,mumps,measles,mononucleosis,hepatitis
CDC & NIH Centers of Disease Control & National Institute of Health - track the spread o diseases and watch for new diseases entering the country
ways to prevent the spread of diseases Get vaccinated,wash with soap frequently,Don't share,cover your mouth,outdoors-wear long-sleeve shirts and pants,insect repellent,avoid contact with wild animals (rabies),avoid drinking and swimming in remote
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