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Question Answer
Who's the Governor of GA? Nathan Deal
What does DDS stand for Department of Driver Services
According to the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, drivers between 15-20 years old account for what percent of the 6.6 million licensed drivers on GA roads? 9.3 percent
Address of the DDS customer service in Camden Kingsland,333 South Ashley St.
What does TADRA stand for and when was it enacted Teenage and Adult driver Responsibility
5 years after TADRA was enacted Alcohol-related crashes involving teen drivers declined by how much 62%
Step one (class CP) - Must pass writing test and must be at least 15 to get an instructional permit, to drive a person who is 21 must have a Class C license and must sit in passenger seat
Step two(Class D) Must be at least 16 or 17 to get a Provisional license,must complete an apporved driving training course that consists of 30 hours of class instruction and 6 hours of practical behind-the-wheel practice with a parent or Instructor
What is "Joshua's Law" and when was it enacted requires 16 year old to pass a driver's ED course to get a class D license or provisional. January 1,2007
3 conditions of a provisional license May not drive between the hours of 12:00 and 5:00 a.m. First 6 months-only immediate family can be in the car second 6 months - only one passenger who is under 21 that is not an immediate family member can
Step 3 (class C) Have to be at least 18 and you have to have a class D license in order to get a class c license, can't have any following major violations during the 12 months
6 major traffic violations DUI(driving under influence) using a motor vehicle to flee or attempt to elude police officers racing on highways or streets reckless driving hit & run or leaving a scene of an accident any violation that resulted in the assessment if 4 or more
Created by: Leyiah_35