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ch 2 med term

abbrev med term ch 2

Hx Fx PMHx History: client Health, family, prior medical
Dx DDx Tx Rx Prescribed: Diagnosis, Differential Diagnosis, Treatment, Prescription
VS T (febrile/afebrile) BP HR RR Vital Signs: Temperature, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate
Pt CC HPI H&P ROS Patient, Chief Complaint, History of Present Illness, History & Physical, Review of Systems
Ht Wt BMI PE y/o WDWN WNL Height, Weight, Body Mass Index, Physical Exam, years/old, Well Developed Well Nourished, Within Normal Limits
NAD A&O PERRLA No Acute Distress, Alert & Oriented, Pupils Equal/Round/Reactive to Light and Accomodation
RRR CTA Regular Rate Rhythm (heart), Clear to Auscultation (lungs)
SOB Short of Breath
I/O Input/Output of fluids; usually taken by mouth or IV, produced (out) usually by urine
Sig prn ad lib QD BID TID QID AC PC QHS label (instructions), as needed, as desired, Daily, BiDaily, TriDaily, QuadDaily, Ante(before )Meal, PostMeal, Daily "hit sack"! at time of sleep
PO, NPO, PR, IM SC IV Per Oral, Nothing Per Oral, Per Rectum, IntraMuscular, SubCutaneous, InterVenous
Created by: jligget1