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Health Systems

terms about health systems

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) This agency complies statistics and information on diseases and health problems around the world.
US Department of health and human services (USDHHS) This agency deals with the health problems in the United States
National Institute of Health (NIH) This is a division of USDHHS that is involved in the research on disease
Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) A division of the USDHHS, that is concern with the cause, spread, and control of disease in population
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) A federal agency responsible for regulating food and drug products sold to the public.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) establishes and enforces standards that protect workers for job-related injuries and illnesses
OPTICAL CENTERS They provide vision examinations, prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses, and check for the presence of eye diseases.
EMERGENCY CARE SERVICES Provide special care for victims or accidents or sudden illness.
HOSPICE Agencies that provide care for terminally ill persons who usually have life expectancies of 6 months or less.
LABORATORIES They perform special diagnostic tests such as blood or urine tests.
HOME HEALTH CARE This agency provide care in a patient's home.
MENTAL HEALTH FACILITIES This facility treat patients with mental disorders and disease. This can be psychiatric, chemical abuse, alcohol and drug abuse.
GENETIC COUNSELING CENTER This facility can be located inside a another facility. They perform prenatal screening tests, check for genetic abnormalities and birth defects.
REHABILITATION FACILITIES They provide care to help patient with physical or mental disabilities obtain maximum self care and function. Services include physical, occupational, speech and recreational
VOLUNTARY OR NONPROFIT AGENCY This agency is supported by donations, membership fees, fund-raisers, and federal or state grants. The provide health services at national, state and local levels.
HEALTH MAINTENANCE ORGANIZATION (HMO) Is other type of health insurance that provides a managed care plan for the delivery of health care services. A monthly fee or premium is paid for membership and the fees stays the same regardless of the amount of health care used
Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) A type of managed care health insurance plan usually provided by large industries or companies to their employees. You are restricted to using certain doctors and hospitals. It requires a deductible and co-payment.
MEDICARE Is a federal government program that provides care for almost all people over 65, for any person with a disability for over 2 years and receiving social security benefits.
MEDIGAP Health policies that are health insurance plans that help pay expenses not covered by Medicare
MEDCAID A medical assistance program funded by federal and state. Benefits vary according to each state. Elgibility is different is each state This is for people with low income, people on public assistance??????
WORKER'S COMPENSATION A health insurance plan providing treatment for workers injured on the job. It is administered by state, payments made by employers
TRICARE A U.S. government health insurance plan for all military personnel
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