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Medical Liability

Medical Liability Vocabulary

Criminal Law Crimes committed against the state.
Civil Law Wrongful acts that result in physical injury to a person against another.
Prudent Careful or cautious.
Malpractice Failure of a professional person, such as a physician, to render proper services through ignorance or negligence or through criminal intent, especially when injury or loss follow.
Liable Legally responsible.
Diagnosis The identification of a medical condition.
Informed Consent The legal condition in which a person agrees to the terms, after he or she understands all the facts and implications of an action or event.
Resultant Resulting from an action.
Defamatory Statement that causes injury to another person's reputation.
Slander A spoken statement of false information about another person
Libel Written statement of false information about another person.
Assault The threat to bodily harm another.
Battery Carrying out the threat of bodily harm to another.
Felony Serious crime offense that carries a penalty of imprisonment for more than one year and possibly a death sentence.
Harassment Verbal or physical abuse of a person because of race, religion, age, gender, or disability.
Misrepresentation Untruth or lie
False Imprisonment A civil tort in which a person is held or retained against their will.
Invasion of Privacy A civil tort that unlawfully makes public knowledge of any private or personal information without consent of the wronged person.
Reportable Conditions Situation that need to be reported such as abuse of a patient.
Negligence Failure to perform in a reasonably prudent manner.
Reasonable Care Legal obligation of health care workers. Giving care in the way others would in that situation.
Sexual Harrassment An "unwelcome advance", request for sexual favors and other verbal or physical contact.
HIPAA ( Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act) It regulates the sharing of personal information
Bill of Rights Adopted by the American Hospital Association (AHA) The basic rights of a patient when in a care facility.
Living Will A will in which the signer requests not to be kept alive by medical life-support systems in the event of terminal illness.
Durable Power of Attorney A type of advance medical directive in which legal documents provide the power of attorney to another person in the case of an incapacitating medical condition.
Scope of Practice A legal set of directives developed by a state board that governs practice for a health care professional
Dignity The quality of value and worth.
Accountable Responsible for your actions.
Advanced Directive Directions given by a patient to a doctor that is written in advance, in case of an accident where the patient cant tell the doctor what they want to be done.
Appropriate Suitable, correct
Ethics Social values, conduct description of what is right and wrong.
Code of Ethics Represents ideal behavior for a group of people.
Created by: Mikayla112