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Fitness Study Guide

6th Grade PE

To improve flexibility the frequency of stretching should be _____________________ 3-7 days a week.
Setting _____________ can help you improve your flexibility. goals
In beginning a _________________________________ you should use slow controlled movement to stretch a muscle to a point of feeling the muscle stretch. This is the __________________ part of the __________ static stretch intensity FITT
Muscle soreness can be ______________________ through a stretching regimen. decreased
____________________________ is the range of motion in a joint or the range of stretch in a muscle or both. Flexibility
__________________________________ is the most beneficial if used _________________ exercise. Static stretching before and after
Stretching can minimize muscle and joint injury, and _________________________________________. maximize the potential of a muscle to exert force.
___________________________________ is stretching and flexing (contracting) opposing muscle groups. One muscle group is contracted causing the target muscle or muscle group to stretch. Dynamic stretching
Dynamic stretching example: straight leg swings forward and on the backswing pull your heel up towards your upper hamstrings. It is important to move slow and steady not allowing gravity to take over the movement.
When should you use dynamic stretching? prior to competition
The acronym FITT stands for _________________________ Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type of an exercise
__________________ for flexibility is how often (# of days) and when (before or after exercise or both). Frequency
_________________________________ for flexibility is the degree to which you stretch a muscle. Do not stretch to the extent to which you feel pain. Intensity
____________________ for flexibility is the number of seconds you hold a static stretch or the number of repetitions you perform a dynamic stretch. Time
_______________________ for flexibility is whether you are using a dynamic or static stretch to stretch a muscle. Type
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