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DHO Chapter 3

Careers in Healthcare

Admitting Officers/Clerks work in admissions department; responsible for obtaining all necessary information when a patient is admitted into a facility.
Animal Health Technicians Working under the supervision of veterinarians, assist with the handling and care of animals; collect specimens; assist with surgery; perform laboratory tests; and maintain records.
Art, Music, and Dance Therapists Use the arts to help patients deal with social, physical, or emotional problems.
Associate's Degree A degree that generally takes two years of study and is awarded by a community, junior, or business college.
Athletic Trainers prevent and treat athletic injuries and provide rehabilitative services to athletes
Audiologists Individual specializing in diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders
Bachelor's Degree Degree awarded by a college or university after a person has completed a 4-year course of study or its equivalent
Biomedical Equipment Technicians Keep all equipment working, Testing equipment, calibration equipment, Maintenance and Repairs, Provide hospital staff instruction on proper use of equipment
Central/Sterile Supply Workers involved in ordering, maintaining, sterilizing and supplying all the equipment and supplies used by other departments in a health care facility.
Certification The issuing of a statement of certificate by a professional organization to a person who has met the requirements of education and/or experience and who meets the standards set by the organization
Dental Assistants Usually work for dentists in the preparation, examination, and treatment of patients.
Dental Hygienists A licensed individual who works with a dentist to provide care and treatment for the teeth and gums
Dental Laboratory Technicians Make and repair a variety of dental prostheses (artificial devices) such as dentures, crowns, bridges and orthodontic appliances according to the specifications of dentists.
Dentists A doctor who specializes in diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases of the teeth and gums.
Dialysis Technicians operate kidney dialysis machines, which filter the blood of clients whose kidneys are not working properly
Dietetic Assistants works under dietitians; assists with food preparation and service, help patients select menus, clean work areas, and assists other dietary workers.
Dietetic Technicians Working under the supervision of dietitians, plan menus, order foods, standardize and test recipes, assist with food preparation, provide basic dietary instruction, and teach classes on proper nutrition.
Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) treatment centered on manipulation of the spine to maintain function and balance in the body
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) a physician trained in the diagnosis and treatment of disease
Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) a doctor who has the same training as an M.D. but also specializes in the care of the muscular skeletal system
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.) diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot
Doctorate/Doctor's Degree Awarded by a college or university after completion of two or more years of work beyond a bachelor's or master's degree.
Electrocardiograph Technicians Operate an EKG machine, that determines how your heart is working.
Electroencephalographic Technologist operates machines to record electrical activity in brain
Emergency Medical Technician provides basic care for medical emergencies, illness, injury
Endodontics the branch of dentistry dealing with diseases of the dental pulp
Entrepreneur Individual who organizes, manages, and assumes the risk of a business.
Geriatric Aides/Assistants get additional education to provide care for the elderly; perform the same duties as a nurse assistant.
Health Care Administrators Plan, direct, coordinate and supervise the delivery of health care; operate health care facilities.
Health Occupations Education (HOE) prepare a student for immediate employment in many health careers or for additional education after graduation.
Home Health Care Assistants trained to work in the patient's home and may perform additional duties such as meal preparation or cleaning.
Housekeeping Workers/Sanitary Managers help maintain the cleanliness of health care facility to provide pleasant, sanitary environment.
Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses provide basic bedside care and make the patient feel comfortable, They bath, dress and give massages and clean the medical equipment. Gather info about the patients health and how they are feeling.
Licensure Process by which a government agency authorizes individuals to work in a given occupation
Master's Degree An advanced 2-year program completed after attainment of a bachelor's degree.
Medical Assistants Perform routine administrative and clinical tasks, which include answering phones, greeting patients and arranging outpatient lab tests, etc..
Medical Laboratory Assistants Working under medical technologist, technicians, or pathologists, perform basic laboratory tests; prepare specimens for examination or testing; and perform other laboratory duties such as cleaning and helping to maintain equipment.
Medical Laboratory Technicians responsible for performing routine testing, operating all equipment, equipment maintenance and recognizing problems, and assisting in problem solving.
Medical Records Administrators Plan systems for storing and obtaining info from records; prep info for legal actions and insurance claims; compile statistics for organizations and gov't agencies; manage medical medical records departments; and supervise and train other personnel
Medical Records Technicians health information technicians organize and code patient records; gather statistical or reserach data; and record information
Medical Technologists Study tissues, fluids, and cells of the body to help determine the presence and/or cause of disease
Nurse Assistants work under the supervision of RN's to provide basic care to patients (activities of daily living)
Occupational Therapists help the mentally ill become productive members of society by teaching them practical skills
Occupational Therapy Assistants Assists in evaluating patient's daily living skills and capacities under the direction of a Occupational Therapist.
Ophthalmic Laboratory Technicians Cut, grind, finish, polish, and mount the lenses used in eyeglasses, contact lenses, and other optical instruments such as telescopes and binoculars.
Ophthalmologists A medical doctor who specializes in diseases of the eye
Opticians An individual who makes or sells lenses, eyeglasses, and other optical supplies
Optometric Technicians/Assistants Work under the supervision of ophthalmologists or optometrists. prepare patients for exams, perform receptionists duties, help patients with frame selection, order lenses, and teach proper care and use of contact lenses.
Optometrists A licensed, non-medical practitioner who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of vision defects.
Oral Surgery specialty dealing with diagnosis and treatment of diseases of hard and soft tissues in the mouth
Orthopedics The branch of medicine/surgery dealing with the treatment of diseases and deformities of the bones, muscles, and joints
Paramedic a person trained to assist medical professionals and to give emergency medical treatment
Pedodontics The branch of dentistry dealing with treatment of teeth and oral conditions of children
Perfusionists Extracorporeal circulation technologists, members of open heart surgical teams and operate the heart-lung machines used in coronary bypass surgery.
Periodontics Deal with treatment and prevention of diseases of the gum
Pharmacists specially trained and licensed professionals who specialize in the preparation and dispensation of drugs
Pharmacy Technicians assist the pharmacist with preparation and administration of medications; they also perform receptionist and billing duties
Phlebotomists Venipuncture Technician, individual who collects blood and prepares it for tests
Physical Therapists Trained and licensed individuals who help people with muscle, nerve, joint, or bone diseases to overcome their disabilities as much as possible.
Physical Therapy Assistants this person assists in carrying out a prescribed plan for helping people regain their strength and flexibility after an illness or injury
Physicians identify patient need, translate that need and address need or refer patient onward -> linkage between need and care, source of info, crucial access point
Physician Assistants Working under the supervision of Physicians, take medical histories, perform roution physical examination and basic diagnostic tests.
Prosthodontics The branch of dentistry dealing with the construction of artificial appliances for the mouth
Psychiatric/Mental Health Technicians work under the supervision of psychiatrists or psychologists; help patients and their families follow tx and rehab plans.
Psychiatrists Physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders
Psychologists professionals with doctoral degrees who diagnose and treat emotional and behavioral disorders
Radiologic Technologists Working under the supervision of radiologists. Use X-rays, radiation, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance to diagnose and treat disease.
Recreational Therapists Uses recreational and leisure activities as forms of treatment to minimize patients symptoms and improve physical, emotional, and mental well being.
Recreational Therapy Technicians work under supervision of respiratory therapists, and administer treatments; perform basic diagnostic tests; clean and maintain equipment; and note and inform therapists of patients' responses and progress
Social Workers professionals with training in social welfare, human behavior, and the social environment who work with individuals, families, and groups
Speech-Language Therapists diagnose and treat and help to prevent disorders related to speech, swallowing and fluency.
Surgical Technicians/Technologists Work under the supervision of RN's or physicians, prepare patients for sugery; set up instruments, equipment, and sterile supplies in the operating room; and assists during surgery by passing instruments and supplies to the surgeon.
Unit Secretaries/Unit Coordinators record information on records; schedule procedures or test; answer phones; order supplies; and work with computers
Veterinarians work to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases and injuries in animals
Veterinary Assistants Feed, bathe animals and assist veterinarian
Ward Clerk hospital secretary
Registered Nurses Nurses that provide direct patient care and can also work in an administrative capacity as managers in hospitals or other types of healthcare facilities.
Registration Process whereby a regulatory body in a given health care area administers exams and/or maintains a list of qualified personnel
Respiratory Therapists Perform therapeutic procedures involving patient respiration
Respiratory Therapy Technicians Work under the supervision of respiratory therapists and administer respiratory treatments, perform basic diagnostic tests, clean and maintain equipment, and note and inform therapists of patients' responses and progress.
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