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DHO Chapter 1

History and Trends in Healthcare

alternative therapy Method of treatment used in a place of biomedical therapies.
complementery therapies Method of treatment used in conjunction with biomedical therapies
cost contalnment procedures used to control cost or expenes
diagnostic related gruops one way congress is trying to control costs for goverment insurance plans such as medicare and medicaid
energy conservation monitoring the use of energy to control costs and conserve resources
geriatric care another field that will continue to experience rapid growth in the future
holistic health care that promotes physical emotional,social,intdlectual and spirtual well being by treating the whole body,mind,and spirit
integrative health care uses both mainstream medical treatments and cam therapies to treat a patient
omnibus buget reconciliation act led to develpment of many regulations reguarding long term care and home health care
out patient services patients recieve care without being admitted to naspitals or other care facilities
pandemic exits when the outbreak of a disease occurs over a wide geagraphic area and affects a high proportion of the population
telemedicine involves use of video ,audio ,and computer systems to provide medical and or health care services
wellness state of being in optimum health with a balanced relationship between physical,mental,and social health
home health care a form of cost containment, all aspects of health care can be involved to provide services in the home
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