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Psychopath. Ch 10-13

Psychopathology SW-305 Union University

The following symptoms are all necessary for a DSM-5 diagnosis of illness anxiety disorder except Preoccupation with suing one's doctor for not finding a serious or life-threatening disease
Kenny, third-year medical student, returned to student health services for the 5th time with diarrhea. Tested & no organic disease present, but Kenny thought doctors missed something and continues to test his stool for blood. Kenny is exhibiting Illness anxiety disorder
Malingering disorder differs from factitious disorder in the following way In malingering, there is an identifiable external gain
Josette, 27 yrs. female. Experienced blindness following physical assault. Physical exam shows normal dilation to light. Blindness occurred spontaneously when asked to go through mug shots. What is Josette's diagnosis? Conversion disorder
_____ is characterized by the voluntary production of signs, symptoms, or disease for no other apparent goal than to be cast in the role of being "sick". What is this disorder called? Factitious disorder imposed on self
Which of the following disorders was originally known as Briquet's syndrome? Somatic symptom disorder
Essential feature is an individual's intentional production of an illness; grossly exaggerating symptoms. Has external incentives - financial compensation thru litigation or disability status or to avoid military duty. Criterion meets which diagnosis? Malingering disorder
Marion Moon is anxious & worried about not being able to lose weight. Doctor strongly advised it for her diabetes. Diets and gains more weight. This makes her more anxious. She adjusted her insulin "just a little". Marion has signs of Psychological factors affecting other medical conditions
Which of the following is a feature found in both bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa? Excessive fear of being fat
Which of the following is considered the most severe medical complication associated with bulimia? Electrolyte imbalance
Twarla 16 yrs, 5', 80 lbs., cheerleader, swim team, & gymnastics. Turned 16, became extremely fearful of gaining weight. Began limiting food & calories & exercising excessively. Calls herself "a blimp", tho is thin. Diagnosis is probably Anorexia nervosa, restricting type
_____ refers to self-induced vomiting or laxative misuse to influence body weight. Purging
Each of the following medical complications, except _____, is associated with anorexia nervosa. High blood pressure
Enuresis is an elimination disorder characterized by: Repeated voiding of urine into the bed or clothes
There are two types of enuresis described. They are Primary and Secondary
Which of the following statements is true? Most children with enuresis do not have a comorbid disorder
Encopresis is an elimination disorder characterized by Repeated passage of feces into inappropriate places
Other specified elimination disorder applies to presentations in which symptoms characteristic of an elimination disorder do not meet full criteria. This allows the practitioner to communicate The specific reason that the client does not meet diagnostic criteria
One of the symptoms shown in individuals with this disorder is the consistent violation of others. This disorder is called Oppositional defiant disorder
Doug is in a bar talking w another man. Doug feels insulted by something the guy said. Doug jumps up & punches him in the face. Doug feel genuinely sorry for his actions, upset & embarrassed by his impulsive & aggressive behavior. Likely diagnosis is Intermittent explosive disorder
This disorder is distinguished by the individual's inability to resist stealing something that has neither personal use nor any monetary value. This disorder is Kleptomania
Individuals who run into problems following expected standards of behavior seen in anger, aggression, destruction of property, violating others rights, or conflicts w authority are characterized by all of the following disorders except Conversion disorder
Jack is the former captain of the Glendale, CA Fire Department. He was an arson investigator who eventually become a serial arsonist himself. He was later convicted for first-degree murder for the lives lost in the fires he set. Jack's diagnosis is Pyromania
Which of the following is not considered an eating disorder by the DSM-IV? Obesity
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