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Psychopath. Ch 6-9

Psychopathology SW-305 Union University

Six-year-old Christina told her brother about field trip to zoo, petting the animals, and feeding goats. Teachers in school had never heard her talk. Christina's diagnosis would be Selective mutism
The basic symptoms of panic attack include all of the following except Situationally predisposed
A panic attack may be characterized by all of the following except Elevated mood
David is extremely afraid of snakes. makes effort never to be in presence of them or look at pictures of snakes. His phobia is considered A specific phobia
The essential feature of _____ is a marked, or intense, fear or anxiety triggered by the real (or anticipated) exposure to a wide range of situations. Agoraphobia
_____ disorder is characterized by excessive anxiety and worry (apprehensive expectation) about a number of events or activities. Generalized anxiety disorder
Hope is shy, 29 yrs, homemaker. was hospitalized. OD'd - Valium w vodka. In dark room w scarf covering hair, eyes, & nose. no friends, husband just left, is embarrassing. OD'd b/c nose has "huge pock marks & ugly bumps", but is not true. Hopes diagnosis? Body dysmorphic disorder
The obsessions seen in obsessive-compulsive disorder are characterized by all of the following except Behaviors or mental acts aimed at preventing or reducing anxiety or distress
Sherry has difficulty discarding or parting w things. The thought of giving something away or throwing it out causes her great distress. Carves out paths from one room to another. Can't use bathtub or cook b/c of clutter. Likely diagnosis? Hoarding
The central feature of _____ disorder is picking at one's skin. The most common sites are on the face, arms, and hands. It is Excoriation
People with this disorder recurrently pull out their own hair - it can be from any part of the body where hair grows. The disorder is called Trichotillomania
Kevin. 18 yrs, H.S. grad w problem that's starting to get in way of socializing. Looking in a mirror is sheer torture. obsessed with chest size, says is sunken in and makes stomach stick out. Diagnosis is body dysmorphic disorder
Other specified (and unspecified) obsessive-compulsive & related disorder is used when full criteria not met for obsessive-compulsive & related disorders & the practitioner may indicate reasons for using this diagnosis such as jikoshu-kyofu, which means: An intense fear of having a foul body odor
One of the central characteristics of children with _____ disorder is that they have experienced inadequate caregiving environments and show a distinct pattern of being inhibited and withdrawn. Reactive attachment disorder
One of the symptoms of children with this disorder is the failure to seek and respond to comfort when distressed. Reactive attachment disorder
Individuals with this disorder may have problems subsequent to exposure to actual or threatened death, serious injury, or sexual violence. The disorder is called Posttraumatic stress disorder
Someone with this disorder may show problems related to single event or multiple stressors, but for diagnostic purposes, the person's distress is out of proportion to the severity or intensity of the stressor(s). This disorder is called Adjustment disorder
Posttraumatic stress disorder may arise after any of the following events except An allergic mediation reaction
Immediately after experiencing a tornado, Louise Ann's symptoms emerged almost immediately - her hands started shaking uncontrollabely, and she had difficulty grasping the enormity of the event. These symptoms stoppped after 3 wks. Her disorder is called Acute stress disorder
Nathan. Complaints: perception of environment distorted. sudden overwhelming sense of being detached from body. Can't understand people when they talk. Feel like a robot & outside of body. accompanied by anxiety, panic, or depression. Beginning assessment Depersonalization-Derealization disorder
Ling Wong. 34 yrs.,female. Experienced sinking of ferry boat. No memory of the events. Physical exam is unremarkable and cognitive is intact. Very distraught over unknown fate of husband. Diagnosis? Dissociative amnesia
Which of the following factors contributes to the difficulty in assessing dissociative identity disorder? Some of the presenting symptoms may appear similar to symptoms of schizophrenia
Which of the following is true of dissociative identity disorder? It was previously known as multiple personality disorder (MPD)
In almost all cases of dissociative identity disorder, an apparent cause is found in the client's history, which includes Severe physical and/or sexual abuse during childhood
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