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NASM Chapter 13

NASM CPT 4 - Chapter 13

Name 2 strength exercises for the back Seated cable row Seated lat pulldown
Name 2 stabilization exercises for the back Standing cable row Ball dumbbell row
Strength is the ability of the _______ system to produce _______ to overcome external force Neuromuscular system Internal tension
An increase in either _____ or ________ will produce an increase in power Force (weight) Velocity (speed)
Power is the ability of the neuromuscular system to produce what? Greatest force in the shortest amount of time
Which type of muscle fibers are prone to fatique? Type 2
Which type of muscle fibers are slower to fatique? Type 1
Stabilization is designed with which type of muscle fibers in mind? Type1
Strength is primarily designed with with type of muscle fibers in mind? Type 2
Why should strength by thought of as a result of activating the neuromuscular system rather than as a function of a muscle? Muscle operates under the control of the central nervous system
What is the ability of the neuromuscular system to produce internal tension in the muscles and connective tissue to overcome external force? Strength
Resistance training that uses low to moderate rep ranges with progressive overload leads to what? Muscle Hypertrophy
How long before visible signs of muscle hypertrophy are usually seen? 4-8 weeks
During the resistance developement phase of general adaptation, the body increases its functional capacity to react to what? Stressor placed on it
What are the 3 stages general adaption syndrome? Alarm stage Resistance development Exhaustion
Prolonged intolerable stressor produces fatigue and leads to a breakdown or injury. In resistance training adaptation, this is called what? Exhaustion
Once adaptation has occured, the body will require what to produce a new response and higher level of fitness? Increased stress or overload
What are some things that can happen in the exhaustion stage of adaptation? Stress fractures Muscle strains Joint pain Emotional fatique
What can be done to prevent exhaustion from resistance training? Follow the OPT model and divide the training program into smaller, progressive steps and allow for rest periods
What is the SAID principle? Refers to the principle of Specificity. Specific Adaption to Imposed Demands. The body will specificallly adapt to the type of demand placed on it
Do different types of tissues respond the same or differently to the same stimulus? Tissues respond differently to same stimulus
What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 muscle fibers? Type 1 fibers are slow twitch fibers, smaller in diameter, smaller to produce tension and more resistant to fatigue. Type 1 fibers are larger in size, fast twich muscles, quick to produce tension and quick to fatique
Metabolic specificity refers to what? The energy demand placed on the body
Neuromuscular specifity refers to what? The speed of contraction and exercise selection
Weight and movemements placed on the body refer to what type of specificity? Mechanical
A well designed, integrated training program should include optimal levels of what 6 key things? Flexiblity Endurance Neuromuscular control Alterations in body composition Strength Power
In order to achieve neuromuscular specifity and develop higher levels of stability while pushing, chest exercises should be performed how and at what speed? Controlled, unstable at slower speeds
When are type 1 muscle fibers needed For stabililization endurance and posture control such as planks
When are type 2 fibers used When force and power are needed such as sprinting or during heavy loads such as deadlifts
Explain the alarm reaction stage of the general adaptation syndrome The initial reaction to stressor such as increased oxygen and blood supply to necessary areas of the body
What is DOMS? Delayed onset muscle soreness. Pain or discomfort typically 24-48 hours after intense physical exercise
The quality and ability of the humand body to adjust or adpt its functional capacity to meet its desired needs is called what? Principles of Adaptation
What is the primary goal of most exercise programs? Adaptation
The human movement system maintains a state of physiologic balance known as what? Homeostasis
How is homeostasis accomplished? By adapting to any stresses placed on it
What are some physiologic responses that occur during the alarm stage? Increased oxygen and blood supply to tissues of the body Neural recruitment increases to the muscles Delayed onset muscle syndrome can occur
What is general adaption syndrome? How the body reacts and adapts to stress placed on it
Name physiologic benefits of resistance training Improved cardio Hormone and cholesterol changes Increased bone density Increased metabolism
Name some physical benefits of resistance training Increased muscle tissue Increased muscle fibers Decreased body fat
Name some performance benefits of resistance training Increased coordination Increased endurance Increased strength Increased power
What is the split routine system of training? A routine that trains different body parts on different days
What is the vertical loading resistance training system? Performing exercises on the OPT template one after another in a vertical manner down the template
What are 2 examples of total body stabilization exercises? Ball squat, curl to overhead press Multiplanar step up to balance, curl, overhead press
What are 2 total body strength exercises? Lunge to two-arm dumbbell press Squat, curl to 2 arm press
What are 2 examples of total body power exercises? Two arm push press Barbell clean
Chest stabilization exercises Ball dumbbell chest press Push up
Name 2 exercises in the strength catagory of resistance training Flat bench dumbbell chest press Barbell bench press
Name 2 exercises in the power mode of resistance training for chest exercises Two arm medicine ball chest press Rotation chest pass
Which muscle fibers are slow contracting? Type 1
Explain the varied type of circuit training using upper and lower body exercises? Peripheral heart action is a variation of circuit training that alternates upper and lower body exercises
Name two strength exercises for legs Leg press Barbell squats
Name two leg exercises for stability training Ball squats Multiplanar step up to balance
Name 2 power exercises for legs Squat jump Tuck jump
Performing a series of exercises one after another with minimal rest is what? Circuit training
Performin a multiple number of sets for each exercise is which type of resistance training system? Multi set system
Name 2 strength exercises for triceps Cable pushdowns Supine bench barbell triceps extension
Explain drop sets Perform set to failure then drop a small percentage of weight and continue on with the set. 5-20% of weight is reduced for an additional 2-4 reps
Which resistance training system uses two exercises performed in rapid succession with minimal rest? Superset system
In the light to heavy mode of the pyramid resistance training system, typically how many reps are done with a light load? 10-12, then increase resistance for each set until client can perform 1-2 reps within 4-6 sets
Increasing or decreasing weight with each set is which type of resistance training protocol? Pyramid system
Name two triceps exercises in the stabilization phase of resistance training Supine ball dumbbell triceps extensions Prone ball dumbbell triceps extension
Name 2 strength exercises for biceps Biceps curl machine Seated two arm dumbbell biceps curl
Performing one set of each exercise is what type of resistance training system? Single set system
Name the most common resistance training protocols Single set Multiple set Circuit training Peripheral heart action Pyramid Drop sets Vertical loading Horizontal loading Split routine
How is stabilization adaptation best acheived High reps, lower volume or weight
What considerations should a resistance training program incorporate? Appropriate exercise selection All muscle actions Multiple planes of motion Reps Tempo
Explain stabilization Getting the right muscles to fire, with the right amount of force, in the proper plane of motion at the right time
What are the main adaptations that ocur with resistance training? Stabilization Muscular endurance Hypertrophy Strength Power
Name two stabilization exercises for biceps Single leg dumbbell curl Single leg barbell curl
Name two strength exercises for shoulders Seated dumbbell shoulder press Seated shoulder press machine
Name two stabilization exercises for shoulders Single leg dumbbell scaption Seated Stability ball Military press
Name two back exercises in the power module Medicine ball pullover throw Soccer throw
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