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Ch 10

Nail Disorders and Diseases

A nail condition that is safe to work with in the salon is... onychophagy
Hangnail or agnail is a condition of... splitting of the nail
Uneven growth of the nails, usually a result of illness or injury, can cause... ridges
Carefully buffing the nails and applying a _____ is helpful when manicuring a client with ridges. filler with polish
Onychorrhexis is characterized by abnormally brittle nail with... lengthwise ridges on the nail plate
Pterygium can be recognized by... stretching of the skin around the nail plate
It is safe to perform nail services for clients who have... eggshell nails
A bacterium that can cause nail infections when artificial products, such as tips and nail wraps, are applied under unclean conditions is... pseudomonas aeruginosa
Nail disease or deformity in general is called... onychosis
Paronychia, which affects the tissues surrounding the nail, is... a bacteria inflammation
An inflammation called onychia affects the... matrix bed
Onychocryptosis is commonly called... ingrown nails
Onychosis is the... lifting of the nail
One common symptom shared by onychomadesis and onychia is... shedding of the nail
A lump of red tissue growing up from the nail bed to the nail plate is called... pyogenic granuloma
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