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Health Exam

Intoxication Physical and mental changes produced by drinking alcohol
Illegal blood alcohol content (under 21)? .01
Illegal blood alcohol content (over 21)? .08
What are three short-term effects of alcohol abuse? Nausea, dehydration, loss of judgement and control
Binge Drinking Drinking more than 5 drinks in one sitting/drinking in an attempt to get drunk
What are three long-term effects for using alcohol? Kills brain cells, weakens immune system, and causes internal bleeding in digestive system
Cirrhosis of the liver A disease that replaces healthy liver tissue with scar tissue and is usually caused by long term alcohol use
What are three warning signs of an alcoholic? It becomes a big part of their life, no limit, uncomfortable in situations w/o alcohol
Fetal alcohol syndrome Set of mental and physical disabilities that results from mothers drinking during pregnancy
What contraceptive helps prevent STIs? (excluding abstinence) Condom
What are the three contraceptives that help prevent pregnancy? Pill/patch/ring, IUD, and the shot
Drug Any substance that causes a change in a person's physical or psychological state
Drug Misuse Not following the recommended dosage/procedures for taking a drug
Drug Abuse The intentional improper or unsafe use of a drug
Drug Dependence A person needs a drug to function normally
Drug Addiction Physical and mental addiction to a drug
What are three reasons people start using drugs? Experimentation, peer pressure, desire to escape boredom or depression
Gateway drug (3 most common) A habit forming substance whose use may lead to the abuse of drugs that are more addictive/dangerous. Marijuana, alcohol, pain killers
Stimulants (Effects) Drugs that temporarily increase a person's energy and alertness (speeds you up). Heart failure, kidney damage
Depressants (Effects) Drugs that cause relaxation and sleepiness. Loss of coordination, slowed heart rate (Loss of coordination, slowed heart rate)
Hallucinogens (Effects) Powerful drugs that distort perceptions and cause a person to see, think, or hear things that aren't real. (Self injury, chronic mental disorders)
Opiates/Opioids (Effects) A group of highly addictive drugs that are/were used as painkillers that put a person in a euphoric state when taken (Liver damage, loss of consciousness)
Designer drugs (Effects) Drugs that're designed to closely resemble common illegal drugs in chemical structure and effect (Increased body temp.)
Steroids (Effects) Synthetic versions of the male testosterone and human growth hormone that are used to promote muscle development (Liver cancer)
Inhalants (Effects) Vapors that are inhaled from various substances and chemicals that cause short-term effects (Cuts off oxygen to the brain)
What are four ways to help a person with a drug/alcohol addiction? In/out patient care, support groups, refraining from situations that support drug abuse
What are the 5 types of tobacco? Cigarettes, chewing, snuff, pipe, cigar
Carcinogen An agent that causes cancer
How many chemicals are found in cigarette smoke? What are three of them? 4,000+ Cyanide, lead, tar
What are 3 chemicals found in smokeless tobacco? Lead, sodium, fiberglass
What are 3 short-term effects that tobacco causes to the body? Stimulates brain reward system, constricts blood vessels, yellowing of teeth
What are 4 side-effects of using tobacco? Smelly clothes, bad breath, constantly spitting, burns in clothes
Nicotine Addictive drug found in all tobacco products
What are 3 major diseases that can result from tobacco use? Chronic Bronchitis (long-term cough w/mucus), heart disease, lung cancer
What is the ratio of people who die from smoking tobacco to people who die from second hand smoke? 8:1
What are 3 controllable risk factors for a lifestyle disease? Amount of exercise, diet, sun exposure
What are 4 uncontrollable risk factors for a lifestyle disease? Age, gender, ethnicity, heredity
What is the main function of complex carbs.? To break down starches into smaller sugars for energy
What are the 2 types of fat and which is better for you? Saturated and unsaturated (healthier)
What are the 2 types of vitamins and which vitamins go in each category? Energy yielding nutrients- Carbs, protein, fat Nutrients that help body functions- Viatamins, minerals, water
Created by: archergirl