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Alcohol drug produced by chemical reactions by fruits and vegi's
Cirrhosis Scarring and destruction of the liver
Sobriety living without alcohol
Blood Alcohol Concentration Amount of alcohol in a persons body
Intoxicated physically and mentally impaired by the use of alcohol
Binge Drinking several drinks in a short amount of time
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Alcohol related birth defects that are mental and physical problems.
Recovery learning to live alcohol free
Detoxification the body adjusting to no alcohol
Alcoholism the mental and physical need for alcohol
Effects of Alcohol to the body Heart, blood vessels, brain, liver, stomach, and pancreas damage
Six influencing factors Body size, gender, time, amount, food, and medicine
12 oz of beer 5% of alcohol
4 oz of wine 12%-15% of alcohol
1.5 oz of vodka/wiskey 40% of alcohol
Step one to recovery Admission
Step two to recovery Detoxification
Step three to recovery Counceling
Step four to recovery Recovery
Stop Say no, tell why not, offer other ideas, promptly leave
Alcohol Stage 1 Drinker makes excuses
Alcohol Stage 2 Drinker denies the problem
Alcohol Stage 3 Drinker is now addicted and out of control.
Created by: 16akielty