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Nutrition Unit

What are the six food groups? Fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, oil, ard dairy
What are the 6 main categories of nutrients? Carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, fats, water, and protien
What are nutrients? The substances in food our body needs to function properly
List the functions of fiber Makes you feel full and regulates our blood sugar
What are some factors that influence our diet? Geography, culture/traditions, advertising, preference, etc.
The body's main source of energy comes from ____________. Carbohydrates
What is and example of a simple carbohydrate? Complex? Simple- Apple Complex- Pasta
What is the main function of proteins? They help build, repair, and maintain all the body tissues.
Fats are a great source of __________ and essential for vital body functions. Energy
What are some functions of fats in the body? -Insulates the body -Cushions the body organs -Carries fat-soluble vitamins -Promotes healthy skin and normal growth
What is the difference between LDH and HDL cholesterol? LDL- saturated fats that are bad for cholesterol HDL- unsaturated fats that are good for cholesterol
How many calories per gram of protein, carbs, and fat? Protein- 4 calories Carbs- 4 Calories Fat- 9 calories
Vitamins control many of the vital body ______________. Process
What is the difference between water soluble and fat soluble vitamins? Water-soluble: dissolves in water, easily digested, not stored Fat-soluble: absorbed and transported by fat, excess stored in fatty tissue
Can your body make minerals? No
What 3 minerals make up electrolytes? 1) Sodium 2) Chloride 3) Potasium
What is the most essential nutrient? Water
An eating disorder characterized by abnormally low body weight, intense fear of gaining weight and distorted body perception is ___________ nervosa. Anorexia
An eating disorder that is characterized by binge eating then purging is ______________ nervosa. Bulimia
An eating disorder characterized by feeling out of control while consuming large amounts of food is ___________________. Binge eating
What are some causes (not symptoms or effects) of eating disorder? Genetic, social, environmental, psychological, stressful life changes, trauma, poor self-esteem, history of abuse or trauma, etc.
What is nutrition? Eating foods the body needs to grow, develop, and work properly
You body uses nutrients to... keep your body healthy and for energy.
What are the two main sources of proteins? 1. Animal sources (complete proteins- contains all 22 amino acids and the body only makes 8) Fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, cheese. 2. Plant sources (incomplete proteins) Beans, legumes, seeds, nuts (soy), tofu.
What is the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) for carbohydrates and proteins? 40-45% daily calorie intake.
Fats are very important by only needed in _______ amounts. Diets containing too much fat are linked to ___________ and _________. small,
Created by: Aileen Roldan