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Illegal Drugs

Vocab words and Information about Illegal Drugs

Psychoactive Drug drug that effects the brain
Illegal Drug a drug whose production or use is prohibited or strictly controlled prescription
Controlled Substance a drug or chemical whose manufacture, possession or use is regulated by the government
Gateway Drug a drug which, when used, may lead to the use of more addictive substances.
Depressant Drug often referred to as central nervous system depressants, these drugs slow down brain function. They include sedatives and tranquilizers.
Stimulant Drug a drug that increases immediate energy and alertness but that is accompanied by increases in blood pressure, heart rate and breathing.
Hallucinogen Drug a drug that changes the way people see, hear, feel or think
Club/Designer Drug a drug that has been chemically altered to enhance its properties or to evade a legal prohibition.
Opiates (Narcotic Drug) a drug affecting the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord), which can cause dizziness, euphoria, loss of memory, lack of coordination and unconsciousness. Many narcotics are derived from the opium poppy.
"Bad Trip" another name for a "living nightmare"
Tolerance needing more and more of a drug to feel the same effects.
Blackout a temporary loss of consciousness, sight or memory.
Dependence having a physical or mental “need” to use a drug or other substance regularly, despite the fact that it is likely to have a damaging effect.
Delirium a state marked by extreme restlessness, confusion and sometimes hallucinations, caused by fever, poisoning or brain injury.
Hallucination the perception of somebody or something that is not really there, which is often a response to some drugs.
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