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Legal and Ethics

What is civil law? legal relationships between people; protects rights and most medical cases fall under this category
What is criminal law? dealing with wrongs against a person, property, or society; malpractice falls under this category
What are Tort Laws? a tort is a wrongful act that does not involve a contract; occur when a pt is harmed because a HCW doesn't meet the standard of care
What is the invasion of privacy? unnecessary exposure or revealing info without pt consent
What is assault? The threat to injure
What is battery? the unlawful touching of another person without their consent; pt must give consent to treatment and has the right to refuse at any time
What is false imprisonment? restraining an individual or restricting their freedom; using restraints without doctors orders
What is abuse? care the results in physical harm, pain, or mental anguish; ALL states require that abuse be reported
What are some signs of abuse? poor hygiene, unexplained bruises, burns, fractures, injuries, withdrawn or aggressive behavior, irrational fears, a change in personality
What is defamation of character? false statements about a person that may damage their reputation; could occur in error
What is the difference between slander and libel? Slander is spoken information, libel is written information.
What is malpractice? "Bad practice"; failure to use the degree of skill expected, resulting in injury
What is negligence? the failure to give care that is normally expected, resulting in injury
What are privileged communications? ALL information given to healthcare workers by pt
Who do your healthcare records belong to? Your healthcare provider
What is the definition of Ethics? set principles dealing with what is morally right or wrong
Ethics helps healthcare workers with? Analyzing info and making decisions
What are the basic principles of ethics? 1. save lives/promote health 2. pt comfort 3. respect privacy/pt's right to die a peaceful death
There is no place for _____ in healthcare. Bias/prejudice
In ethics, we refrain from...? immoral/unethical/illegal practices
What is the definition of Advance Directives? legal documents that allow individuals to state what medical tx they do/don't want if they are unable to express their wishes
What is the definition of Living Wills? legal documents that state what measures should be taken if pt is terminally ill
What is the definition of DNR? "Do not resuscitate"; do not perform CPR on pt if the heart stops
What is the definition of POA? "Power of attorney"; document permitting an individual to appoint someone the make decisions about healthcare and estate
From the lecture, what did we say about maintaining confidentiality? info can only be shared with team, cannot be shared with anyone without pt consent
Name 3 ethical dilemmas. Euthanasia, cloning, life support
How must Advance Directives be signed? when a pt is competent, with two witnesses who do not benefit
What are the 3 parts of a contract? Offer, acceptance, consideration
Contracts may be implied or __________. Expressed.
An expressed contract is...? A contract put into words or writing
An implied contract is...? A contract not specifically expressed; a wordless agreement
What is the principle of a contract? The employer
What is the agent of a contract? The employee
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