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Alcohol A poisonous substance, drug made from fermented sugars and starches.
Depressant A substance that slows down the body's systems.
Addiction The physical or mental need for a drug.
Alcoholism An illness caused by the physical or mental need for a drug.
Cirrhosis Condition in which the liver tissue is scarred and damaged.
Blood Alcohol Content (B.A.C.) The percent of alcohol in the blood.
Intoxication Being drunk, alcohol causes a person to lose control of their behavior or actions.
.08% The legal limit of intoxication.
Alcohol Tolerance Becoming used to the effects of alcohol on the body, need more to get the same results.
Carcinogen Any substance that causes cancer.
Synergistic Effect The combining effect of two or more drugs mixed together, it increases the other's effectiveness.
Misconception Something that is interpreted incorrectly.
Abstinence To do without or avoid.
Marijuana The dried leaves and flowers of a hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa.
Euphoria A feeling of happiness or well-being, a high.
Illicit Illegal
Decriminalization The removal or reduction of criminal penalties of something that is still against the law.
Legalization With no penalty.
Psychoactive Mind altering.
THC The active drug in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol.
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