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Social Policy Set 3

Social Policy SW-335 Union University

Pension plans that pay a specific amount every month if the retired person worked the required number of years are called: defined benefit plans
Among services for older adults, Medicaid covers home-and-community-based services, but subject to state variations in eligibility and offerings
Age demographics in the US are generally characterized by growing proportion of young people of color and growing population of predominantly white older adults
Compared to the poverty standard for younger adults, the poverty standard for those over age 65 is lower; you can make more money as a younger adult and still be considered poor
Which was NOT a part of the Older Americans Act: employment programs/grants for multipurpose senior centers/Area Agencies on Aging/creation of Medicare the creation of Medicare
Programs funded through the Older Americans Act are capped; when money runs out, eligible applicants are denied services
The 'sandwich generation' refers to family caregivers simultaneously caring for small children and aging parents
Most accurately characterizes the fiscal strains facing the entitlement programs Medicare is in worse straits than Social Security, but both will need reforms to stay solvent in the next few decades
Addressing social policy for older adults requires supporting the intergenerational compact and interdependence
Hospice care is end-of-life care that focuses on alleviation of pain
Characterizes the US health care system today the US has historically rationed health care based on ability to pay
Biggest difference between health care systems in the US, compared to other nations health care outcomes compare poorly despite higher per capita costs than most other developed nations
The patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 does NOT include: universal health coverage for all Americans
How is Medicaid is funded? jointly, by the states and the federal government
The single largest funding source for nursing home care for older adults is Medicaid
Despite being a national program with significant federal funding, the states retain control over what part of Medicaid policy? the rate of payment for services
Federal matching rate for Medicaid is based on a formula inversely related to the state's per capita income
NOT a change to Medicaid enacted in PWORA? illegal immigrants were barred from Medicaid for the first time
Best describes eligibility criteria for Medicare various populations are eligible - 65 years plus with 10 years eligible employment, younger persons on SSDI for 2 years, those with specific disabling conditions
Medicare covers only some health care expenses - beneficiaries pay an average of 15% of their income to health care costs
As of 2012, the Medicare prescription drug benefit has a complex structure, emphasizing principles of competition and choice
Adults over age 18 diagnosed with a major mental illness resulting in functional impairment & substantially limiting ability to perform daily living activities are designated as having: a serious mental illness
Deinstitutionalization refers to: the policy of providing community-based services for people with disabilities who were formerly served in institutions
The ACA is expected to cover fewer people than anticipated, because of states' reluctance to expand Medicaid
"Co-occurring conditions" refer to individuals who meet the criteria for mental disorders and substance abuse
Medicaid is a entitlement program
"Mental health parity" refers to providing equal insurance coverage for mental health care as for physical health
Legislation that provides workers to keep their insurance if they lose or quit job is called Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act
NOT commonly considered an option for containing Medicare costs eliminating the involvement of private managed care companies
NASW recommendation for health care reform best characterized as universal health care
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