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Social Policy Set 1

Social Policy SW-335 Union University

Social problems are: Concerns about the quality of life by large groups/held as consensus and voiced by elites
"Policy practice" refers to: professional efforts to influence....social policy
In policy practice, the strengths perspective requires that: Clients' definition of their problems, needs, strengths, and goals are part of the social construction for policy development
Among the cautions in applying the strengths perspective to policy practice, social workers should: Maintain sense of urgency and authenticity about clients' needs/highlight their strengths/combat apathy about problems
Social policies are: the laws, rules and regulations/govern benefits and services provided by gov't and organizations to meet people's needs
NOT a central feature of the English Poor Law of 1601 abolished the distinction between worthy and unworthy poor
Central features of the English Poor Law of 1601 outdoor relief/workhouses/local responsibility for those in poverty
Government should assure basic needs as a right of citizenship in advanced economies institutional approach
Not strongly identified with US settlement house movement, but is part of foundation of social work profession attention to the needs of African Americans in urban areas
Programs created due to normal risks of living/pool money/to help misfortunes...unemployment or injury social insurance
Mothers' pensions were originally designed to aid primarily widows, who met society's imposed morals test
In addition to establishing retirement benefits, the Social Security Act passed in 1935 also created Aid to Dependent Children
Johnson Administration's social policy efforts....head start, Medicare, Medicaid...was called Great Society/War on Poverty
National health insurance program primarily for 65+ is: Medicare
NOT part of Reagan Administration's social policy agenda increases in minimum wage, to encourage work rather than welfare dependency
NOT normally a feature of transition from categorical to block grants increases in funding to compensate states for taking on more responsibility
In Ch. 11, Hoefer offers what type of examples of how social workers can be involved in advocacy job announcements
Hoefer lists 5 questions to ask to understand a policy issue. Which is NOT one of them? ---> Who is affected and how? What are the causes of the issue? What are the possible solutions? Who has the power to change the issue? Who has the power to change the issue?
One of the major events that helped raise public awareness about the need for labor safety laws Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
Requires you to be living in poverty to receive it? Medicaid
It is true that Harry Hopkins was the primary architect what? the New Deal, which was the federal response to the Great Depression
Created by: dbailey9