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Reiki I

Basic Terms to Know

attunement Western translated ceremony whereby a Reiki Master Teacher acts as a channel to provide or create a safe place for the student to draw in energy (ki) Its a spiritual blessing.("reiju"
aura energy surrounding and penetrating the physical body... layers that are comprised of physical, astral,mental etc spiritual aspects of all living things
chakra hormonal and cellular changes to nourish the body and vitalize the aura. Seven major chakras
gassho pronounced "GAWSO" hands are in prayer position at chest level gesture acknowledges the spirit within each of us (like NAMASTE)
gassho meisa pronouned "GAWSO MYSO" prayer meditation to clear the mind, calm the spirit, and prepare the body to receive Reiki spiritual energy
gokai GO-KYE means five principles or precepts
ki life force or living energy that connects you to everything and sustains you (known as Chi in Chinese, Huna in Hawaiian and Prana in India
left brain analytical, logical, linear forms of thought MALE
lineage history of Reiki practiioner's origin
reiju RAY-JOO blessings or offerings of spiritual energy (attunement)
reiki RAY-KEY spiritual enrgy light-touch, energy-based healing method (REI =spirit, KI+universal energy)
right brain spatial,intuitive, artistic,symbolic and non-linear FEMALE
shoden first stage Reiki level1
Created by: MsPhillipsGeo