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substances vocab

drug any drug other than food that changes the structure or the function of the body
medicine prescription or over the counter that changes the structr or the function of the body also cure diseases or cause them
addiction makes the body think that it need that substance in them order to function normally
dependence makes the body think that it needs that substance
physical dependence needs to function
psychologically dependence regular essential in life
withdrawal remove all acholic from your body the alcholic will suffer from withdrawal
tolerance it causes the drinker to need to increasingly large amounts of alcohol to achieve the original effect
synergistic happens when drugs are used to get a effect
antagonistic it happens when each drug is canceled out or reduced by the other
OTC more goverement control so kids can take the extra pills that there parents didnt use when they where sick to get and effect on them so they feel good
drug missuse,drug use,drug abuse they all are with how you use drugs
stimulants theses drugs are increase activity of the nervous system
depressants it slows the brain down and body reactions
hallucinogens is a drug that distorts perception thought and mood
club drugs they started at the club and where drugs that you would take to have a good feeling
inhalants most stuff you use to inhale is not for human use
steroids to get bigger and there are different types of steroids
marijuana affects the brain and also when your high sights,sounds,time,touch
gateway drug a drug that someone is usually their first drug like weed is a common one
zero tolerance law if you are under age you can be arrested for having postion of alcohol
reverse tolerance less alcohol in which causes intoxication
BAC is the amount of alcohol they have in their body
fetal alcohol syndrom cause effects of alcohol on an unborn child
FDA inspects,test,safety of food and drugs and variety of consumer goods
tar its in cigars and a lot of of stuff you smoke out of
nicotine a very addictive chemical in tobacco
carbon monoxide gas like substance
second had smoke on a non-smoker it is inhaled by the lungs
side stream smoke goes in the air directly
mainstream smoke exhaled from the smokers lungs
Emphysema is a disorder which alveoli in the lungs can no longer function properly
bronchitis is an affection that causes the mucous membranes lining to the bronchi
cirrhosis may lead to liver damage or death ,the fat filled liver cells die, leaving behind useless scar tissue
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