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substance vocab

drug chemical taken to change body\behavior
medicine helps body fight injury, illness,diseases
addiction addiction-no control over drinking
physical dependence tolerance where negative physical symptom withdrawal
psychological dependence emotional-motivational withdrawal of symptions
withdrawl group of symptoms occur when someone stops taking a drug
tolerance repeated use of alcohol affects brain becomes reduced body then has tolerance (gets used to)
drug interaction when a person takes more than one drug at same time
synergistic drugs interact to produce effects greater than those that each drug would do alone
antagonistic each drug is canceled out by the other
drug use using drugs with proper instructions ex- cough syrup
drug abuse intentionally used improperly ex-more med= high
drug misuse more than required amount and not using for whole time frame ex-more than recommended amount
prescription drugs purchased at pharmacy used to feel better
over the counter drugs pain killers
stimulants increase activity in nervous system
depressants slows down brain and body reactions
hallucinogens distorts with perception thought and mood
club drugs highly unpredictable\ different on everyone
inhalants breathable vapor mind altering affects
anabolic/steroids increase muscle size
marijuana anxiety\distorted perceptions
gateway drug marijuana
analgesic pain relever
zero tolerance suspension if caught doing drugs
reverse tolerance alcholol less =intoxication
intoxication mental abilities\ impaired by a substance
BAC/BAL blood alcohol concentration illinois- 0.08%
fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) group of birth defects caused by affects of alcohol of an unborn child
FDA food and alcohol administration inspects tests safety of foods drugs and other consumer goods
tar mixture of chemicals dark sticky substance causes brown stains on teeth and fingers
nicotine addictive chemical in tabacco
carbon monoxide when substances burn its orderless and poisenous
second hand smoke enviremental tabaco smoke breathe in others smoke
sidestream smoke smoke goes into air dirrectly from ciggeret
mainstream smoke exhaled from someones lungs
emphysema disorder in aveoli in lungs so lungs cant function properly
bronchitis infection causes mucous membrane lining of bronchi become inflamed
cirrohosis chronic diese if liver by degeneration of cells inflammation and thickening of tissue caused by alcohol or hepatitis
dependence chemical addiction- cant function without drug
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