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Substances vocab

Drug Any drug other than food that chabges the structure or function of the body.
Medicine A substance either prescription or OTC that changes the structure or function of the body, may prevent diseases cure diseases maintain health.
dependence The brain develops a chemical need for alcohol and cannot function normally without it.
addiction The drinker no longer has control over his/her drinking.
physical dependence The brain develops a chemical need for alcohol and cannot function normally without it.
Psychological dependence Not being able to control your-self while you are drinking. You just keep on going.
Withdrawal. A group of symptoms that occur when a dependent person stops taking a drug.
Tolerance Causes a drinker's body to need increasingly larger amounts of alcohol to achieve the original effect.
Drug interactions When a person takes more than one drug at a time, the drugs may interact.
Drug use A pill or something that is related and that is illegal.
Drug misuse The improper use of medicines either prescription or over the counter drugs.
Drug abuse When a drug is intentionally or improperly or unsafely.
Prescription drugs A drug that can only be obtained with a written order from a doctor and can be purchased only at a pharmacy
Over the counter drugs A medicine that is sold legally in pharmacies and in stores without a doctors prescription.
Stimulants A drug that increase the activity of nervous system.
Depressants A drug that slows brain and body reactions.
Created by: JonnyJ