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Health Ch. 7

Avoiding Drug Abuse

This is a substance that alters the functions of the body in some way. Drug
This is a substance that is used to cure or treat a disease or just alleviate some of its symptoms. These may be used to fight pathogens, to help regulate body functions, to relive pain or soothe inflamed tissues or even prevent a disease from occurring. Medicine
This is a type of medicine that does not need a prescription from a doctor because the FDA considers it to have minimal side affects and relatively low potential for abuse. Over- the- counter- drugs
This is a type of medicine that the FDA deems to have significant side effects and has the potential to be abused and is only available to patients by a doctors prescription. Prescription drugs
This is one of the most common prescription medicines which is a chemical substance that stops the growth of bacteria. Antibiotics
These are the two basic categories of pain relievers Anesthetics and Analgesics
These are a type of pain relievers that cause the loss of feeling.. This is also divided into two categories: Local and general Anesthetics
This is a type of Anesthetics that causes numbness in a specific part of the body Local anesthetics
This type of Anesthetics enters the bloodstream and prevents feeling through the whole body by usually causing you to become unconsious General anesthetics
This is a type of pain reliever that reduces the sensation of pain, but does not cause loss of other skin senses such as touch, pressure and temperature. Analgesics
This is the oldest OTC drug since 1897. This drug is found in the bark of a willow tree and has been used as a analgesic since ancient times. It reduces pain by reducing the ability of neurons to transmit pain messages to the brain. Reye's syndrome Asprin
This is a type of drug that is often used to reduce fevers and a example is Asprin Antipyretic
Better known as Tylenol, is a analgesic drug that was made in the 1950s. This drug does all that aspirin does except reduce inflammation. Doctors prefer this is used for flu-like symptoms. And if taken right is better on stomach and liver than asprin Acetaminophen
This drug was first introduced as a prescription drug in 1969 and in 1984 approved as a OTC Analgesic. This reduces both inflammation and fever plus relives you from pain. Unlike Aspirin, its considered less irritating to digestive tract. Ibuprofen
This is a type of medicine that blocks the action of histamine, reducing inflammation and allergic reactions and allows the tissues to return to normal. Antihistamines
These are a type of drug that can affect the brain and mind. Psychoactive drugs
This is what happens when a user becomes unable to function normally without a drug. Usually occurs when a drug is being abused. Is divided into two categories Dependence
This is a type of dependence that involves changes in the body function that occur as a result of a drug causing physical withdrawal symptoms if the drug is not taken as usual. Symptoms may include aches and pains, diarrhea, tremors and nausea. Physical dependence
Type of dependence with mental and emotional changes that occur as a result of a drug's effect on the brain which causes psychological withdrawal symptoms when not taken as usual, may include strong cravings for the drug, confusion, irritability, anxiety Psychological dependence
This is a phenomenon in which a drug user requires more and more of a drug to reach a high Tolerance
These are drugs that relieve pain and may produce euphoria and drowsiness. Narcotics
These are narcotics that are derived from the opium poppy plant. Opiates
This is the juice from the opium poppy plant which has been used as a painkiller since bible times. Has a high tendency to becoming addictive Opium
In Victorian -England a solution of this was made out of opium and alcohol for a pain killer. Laudanum
This is the main active ingredient in opium. Its a pain- reliving opiate first isolated in 1803. 10 times stronger than same amount of opium. Can become addicted easily. Morphine
This is another active ingredient in Opium. Much weaker than morphine and commonly used in prescription cough medicines Codeine
This is a chemically altered form of morphine introduced in late 1890s. Can be in a white powder or black tar-like substance. Because of its potency and addictive nature, this drug was banned in the United States in the 1920s Heroin
These are drugs that produce hallucinations. Because of this type of drug's bizarre side effects their not used for medical purposes. Hallucinogens
This is another name for Hallucinogens Psychedelic drugs
This is one of the most powerful Hallucinogens. Ingested or absorbed through skin causing rapid disruption of normal mental processes. LSD
These are more commonly abused by teens and young adults, especially by males. This seeks to imitate the male hormone testosterone. Usually used to build up muscles mass faster than usual. Anabolic steroids
This is what occurs the first two months after a LSD user quits taking the drug. The non-user will experience previously experienced trips. Flashback
This is a commonly abused hallucinogen whose side effects are similar to hullucinogen, but also stimulants. This drug increases the amount of serotonin and affects your emotions and also increases the hypothalamus which affects autonomic nervous system MDMA
This is a commonly abused hallucinogen that at first was developed for surgical anesthetic. But deemed unsuitable for humans due to its unpredictable and dangerous side affects. Then vets used it until it was banned because of widespread abuse. PCP
This is a type of drug which speeds up the activity of the central nervous system. stimulants
This is a stimulant that is derived from a leaf of the coca plant. It is used as a local anesthetic in eye, nose and throat surgery because of its ability to numb tissues and constrict blood vessels on contat This drug affects the brains dopamine levels Cocaine
This drug comes in small, rock-like crystals that is actually cocaine which is smoked by a small glass pipe. This is more dangerous and addictive than inhaling cocaine because it is absorbed into the bloodstream much faster when smoked Crack
This is a addictive drug, used illegally as a stimulant and legally as a prescription drug to treat children with ADD and adults with narcolepsy. It can be swallowed, snorted and smoked. Suppress fatigue and gives illusion of invincibility. Speed. 2 hrs. Amphetamines
This is a faster- acting derivative of amphetamines that produce a temporary "rush" of euphoria followed by depression. Very addictive.This drug can treat ADHD. White+Olderless ice crystallized powder. Known as meth. Increases amount of dopamine. Man made Methamphetamine
This is a drug that slows down brain activity. Produces feelings of tranquility or sleepiness by interfering with the activities of reticular formation in the brain stem. Depressants
This was the most abused depressant in the 1900s - 1960s. a small dose of this drug can put you in a coma or even cause death! Was invented in 1864 by Adolf von Baeyer and fixs anxiety, insomnia and seizures. On street its known as Barbs, Christmas tree Barbiturates
This is a abused depressant that is widely prescribed as sedatives and treatments for insomia. Benzodiazepines
This drug causes the user to become unconscious+passively complaint followed by a period of amnesia. Its affects are strengthened by alcohol. Can be slipped into any fluid and you'd never know.Cause of girls being raped. Only found in Mexico not in U.S.A Rohypnol
These are drugs derived from the Hemp plant Cannabinoids
This is the most commonly abused illegal drug.Type of cannabinoid and has a variety of hallucinogenic, stimulant and depressant effects on body. Can be taken in food, pipes,cigars cigareetes,tea.Causes relaxation and laughter.Known as Mary Jane, Weed, Pot Marijuna
This is the most abused drug in the world today and is chemically known as ethanol Alcohol
This is an alcoholic beverage made of fermented grains Beer
This is an alcoholic beverage made of fermented fruits and berries Wine
This is a distilled alcoholic beverage such as whiskey, brandy, vodka, gin that contains 40%- 50% of alcohol. Way more than wine or beer Spirits or liquor
This is the only organ that is able to break down alcohol once it is consumed Liver
This is a life- threatening condition that occurs when a person ingests a potentially lethal dose of alcohol before passing out. May cause a coma, pale or bluish skin clammy to the touch, slow or irregular breathing and vomiting while unconscious Alcohol poisoning
This is another word for a person who is addicted to alsohol Alcoholic
This is a syndrome of psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms that occurs when a heavy alcohol user abstains from alcohol and they sweat profusely, speak incoherently, and suffer horrible hullicinations Delirium tremens
This is a condition when the liver cells began to die and the liver becomes inflamed Alcoholic hepatitis
This is a condition when a large number of liver cells die and are replaced with scar tissue Cirrhosis
This is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States of America Tobacco
This is the active ingredient in tobacco. Its a psychoactive drug that is a stimulant but has some depressant effects. In high doses this drug may cause headaches, nervousness, and irritability Nicotine
This is a progressive deterioration of the alveoli as a result of malfunctioning enzymes Emphysema
This is the most common cause of cancer death in the United States of America and is caused by smoking Lung Cancer
Created by: Leslie Spark