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Letter O

O2 oxygen
O&P ova and parasites (a microscopic examination of feces for detecting parasites)
Ob,Obs obstetrics (pertaining to pregnancy, childbirth)
OBRA Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (federal law that regulates the education and testing of nursing assistants)
od overdose
OD right eye, occular dextra, Doctor of Optometry
oint ointment
OJ orange juice
OOB out of bed
OP outpatient
OPD,OPC outpatient department or clinic
opp opposite
OR operating room
Ord orderly
Orth orthopedics (the branch of medicine /surgery dealing with the treatment of diseases and deformities of the bones, muscles, and joints)
os mouth
OS left eye, occular sinistra
OSHA Occupatonal Safety and Health Administration (an agency of the us government under the department of labor, ensuring safety)
OT occupational therapy/therapist (a health rehab profession designed to help people of all ages with physical, developmental, social, and emotional deficits)
OTC over the counter (a drug available to the consumer without a prescription)
OU each eye
OV office visit
oz ounce
Created by: Madison1998