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ALH Midterm

History of PAs

Feldsher Beginnings of the PA. 17th and 18th century. Military origin in response to physician shortage. Russia. Duties- primary care, midwifery
Barefoot doctor "physician substitute". Independent clinician. 1960's. Directive to reorganize health. China. Duties- first aid
Dr. Charles Hudson proposal at an American Medical Association conference. "Assistants to doctors". Hospital and clinics
Dr. Amos Johnson Created role for his assistant Buddy Treadwell
Mr. Buddy Treadwell role model for the design of PA career
Duke University 1st formal program
Dr. Eugene Stead developed a program intended to the capabilities of the nurses at Duke Uni Hospital. Opposed by nursing league.
Legal relationship between PA and doctor Pa covered under license of physician "independence through dependence”
Duke University 1st formal program
Accreditation and review Committee Examination based on their mandated "education essentials”
NCCPA board that administers the exam
PANCE Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination. Only graduates of accredited programs can take the exam. All 50 states require that you pass this exam
PANRE Physician Assistant National Recertification Examination. Initial certification maintenance.
Created by: Gianna B