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PHI is protected by physical and technical safeguards
The goal of HIPAA regulations is to protect PHI from being seen or accessed by an individual who does not have authority to access it
the capability of software to limit to certain hours of the day and week when users can log in. 3. Time lockout
6. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) operates at the ______. application layer of the OSI reference model
enables users to control access to the resources they own Discretionary access control
11. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is protected by a ___________, facility’s Internet security
HIPAA enables access to PHI on a ____________ basis. Need-to-know
2. If it is not possible to place a computer in a location so that the monitor is not viewable to others, _________________. A privacy screen filter can be used.
3. An uninterrupted power supply (UPS) _____________. Provides power for a few minutes in case the power to the facility goes out
4. Best practice requires a user to log off or _________ a computer before walking away. Lock
When a user locks a computer and walks away, and then wants access, he needs _______. His password to unlock the computer
__________ functions like instant messaging but provides encryption. Secure chat
With an EMR/EHR IS, added security is provided by a(n) __________ for tracking messages. Audit trail
FTP is secured by requiring usernames and passwords and _________. Encryption of transmissions
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a protocol that uses the network infrastructure in a facility for internal calls and __________ for calls outside the facility. The Internet
A _________ is a healthcare provider who works directly under the supervision of a licensed healthcare provider. Patient care technician
The three types of oncologists are surgical, radiation, and ________? Medical
Which of the following is associated with simplified authentication? Patient care technician
The _______ in a healthcare facility is the HIT personnel responsible for securing data in the facility. Database administrator
___________ is a security mechanism where a user can gain access only to a resource if the security or system administrator grants the access. Discretionary access control
__________ are healthcare facilities that provide inpatient care for elderly, permanently disabled, or mentally incapacitated patients. Nursing homes
A patient will be in a(n) _______ temporarily waiting to be moved to another room or unit for a procedure. Holding room
Advanced practice nursing positions are sometimes separated into two categories. One is nurse specialist specializing in a particular area of care such as diabetes. What is another? Nurse practitioner
A physician’s role is to examine a patient, develop a diagnosis, and determine a plan of treatment (remember SOAP). Which of the following most completely and accurately describes a nurse’s role. Provision of care
Which of the following is true concerning a CNA? Certified but not licensed
This position grants access to information systems personnel based on the minimum access required. Security administrator
Data in records from an external lab system have to be configured and mapped so that the data can be made available in the Hospital Information System. Which of the following positions would most likely be engaged in this process? Database administrator
Seek first to understand and then be ________. understood
Which of the following would be most directly concerned with meeting specific deadlines for a new EMR/EHR implementation. Project manager
Nurse practitioners follow a patient-centered model. Physician assistants follow which of the following models? Disease-centered model
Coding When a patient goes into cardiac arrest where the heart stops beating
The branch of medicine concerned with the kidney. Nephrology
A medical specialty dedicated to the delivery of comprehensive medical care to hospitalized patients. Hospitalist
Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases Internal medicine (Internist)Internal medicine (Internist)
Apartment style accommodations for residents who need some assistance with daily activities. Assisted living facilities
Assignment of access based on job title Role-based access control
User has control to grant access to resources owned by the user account Discretionary access control
Provide inpatient care for elderly, permanently disabled, or mentally incapacitated patients Nursing homes
a physician who is licensed and trained to practice medicine without supervision medical doctor (MD)
licensed and trained to practice medicine under supervision of a physician physician assistant (PA)
a healthcare provider who is a registered nurse who has additional education at a graduate level nurse practitioner (NP)
completed a nursing school program and passed the national licensing exam registered nurse (RN)
completed a LPN program in a school and passed a state exam licensed practical nurse (LPN)
a healthcare provider or administrator who is not certified and works under supervision of a licensed healthcare provider or office manager medical assistant (MA)
helps a dentist perform procedures or prepare patients for dental procedures dental assistant (DA)
works under supervision of a licensed healthcare provider, typically providing basic bedside care patient care technician (PCT)
assists the healthcare providers in a unit with general receptionist duties nursing unit clerk (NUC)
facilitates the function of a unit unit assistant (UA)
facilitates the business operations of a private practice practice manager (PM)
facilitates the business operations of a physician’s office office manager
ensures healthcare providers have supplies and clean environments necessary to provide proper patient care staff
the HIT personnel responsible for the overall health of the information systems system administrator
A ______ is a device connected to a computer to provide power for a few minutes in case the power to the facility goes out. UPS
One of our goals is to have healthcare providers as conscious about the security of ______ as they are about infection control. e-PHI
An ______ is trained and licensed to practice medicine without supervision, however a ______ is trained and licensed to practice medicine but requires supervision of a physician MD, PA
A ______ provides basic bedside care.A ______ provides basic bedside care. PCT
A ______, sometimes called a ______, assists the healthcare providers in a unit by doing clerical work NUC, HUC
A ______ is an employee of a medical practice who facilitates the operations of the practice. A ______ is the individual who oversees an implementation project, such as installing an EHR/EMR IS in a hospital PM, PM
What physical safeguard can you install on a computer monitor if a computer cannot be placed in a restricted area? A privacy screen
Why should two departments in a hospital not share a printer? if users in one of those departments do not have proper access to see the PHI being printed by the other department
When is time lockout not feasible to apply to a user? some have flexible hours and cannot limit their access to only certain hours.
What should a user do before walking away from a computer she is logged into? log off or lock the computer
Why should instant messaging never be used in a healthcare environment? they are not secure
Why is a VoIP phone system more secure than a regular phone system? extra security provided by using the network security
Why should a physician have full access to his patient’s information? MD is ultimately responsible for the medical actions performed on a patient.
Which HIT personnel is responsible for the overall health of the information systems in a healthcare facility? system administrator
Which HIT personnel has access to make changes directly to an IS database design or structure? DBA, database administrator
What types of devices might a desktop support technician support? Desktop computers, laptop computers, tablet computers, mobile phones, printers, fax machines, televisions
Why does HIPAA allow for break the glass access? allows one exception to never have access issues cause a delay in patient care.
Who is responsible for hiring the CEO at a hospital? board of directors
Why are surgical centers typically less expensive for patients than having surgery at a hospital? because the patient does not need to stay overnight.
Why should HIT technicians behave in a professional manner? keeps potentially tense situations calm and helps users feel comfortable coming to you for help with their technical problems
What is a special rule to remember before entering an MRI imaging room? no metal objects are allowed to enter the room.
Configure a Windows computer to go to Screen saver after 1 minute of inactivity and require a logon to use it again. List the steps to do that. Step 1. Right-click an open area of the desktop, and select Personalize. Step 2. Click Screen Saver. The Screen Saver Settings dialog box appears. Step 3. In the Screen saver drop-down box, select any of the options other than (None). Step 4. Set the
You work at a hospital that uses Windows XP workstations. List the steps to set an XP workstation to automatically log off a user after being idle for 5 minutes. Step 1. Use Windows Explorer to locate the Winexit.scr file in the Windows 2000 Resource Kit folder on your hard disk. Step 2. Right-click the Winexit.scr file, and then click Install. Step 3. The Display Properties dialog box appears with the Screen
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