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Medical Terminology

The combined Medical Terminology for final testing

Cardiologist The heart
Nephrologist The kidneys
Pulmonologist The lungs
Neurologist The nervous system and the brain
Ophthalmologist The eyes
Rheumatologist The rheumatoid system and rheumatic disease
Proctologist The anus/rectum
Phlebotomist People trained to draw blood from a patient for clinical or medical testing, transfusions, donations or research.
Gastroenterologist The digestive tract
Pathologist Tissue samples
Stomato Mouth
Dento Teeth
Glosso or Linguo Tongue
Gingivo Gums
Encephalo Brain
Gastro Stomach
Entero Intestine
Colo Large intestine
Procto Anus/rectum
Hepato Liver
Nephro or Rene Kidney
Orchido Testis
Oophoro Ovary
Hystero or Metro Uterus
Salpingo Uterine tubes
Dermo Skin
Mammo or Masto Breasts
Masto or Mammo Breasts
Metro or Hystero Uterus
Rene or Nephro Kidney
Linguo or Glosso Tongue
Osteo Bones
Cardio Heart
Cysto Bladder
Rhino Nose
Phlebo or Veno Veins
Veno or Phlebo Veins
Pneumo or Pulmo Lungs
Pulmo or Pneumo Lungs
Hemo or Emia Blood
Emia or Hemo Blood
- itis Inflamation
- osis Abnormal condition
- ectomy To cut out (or remove)
- otomy To cut into
- ostomy To "make a mouth"
a/an Without (or none)
micro Small
macro Large
mega or megaly Enlarged
megaly or mega Enlarged
- scopy or - scopic To look (to observe)
- scopic or - scopy To look (to observe)
- graphy or - graph Recording an image -- the process of
- graph or - graphy Recording an image -- the process of
- gram The image (x-ray)
- ology The study of (or to study)
- ologist One who specializes in (or one who studies)
Biopsy Tissue sample
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