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Trainer Test

Static stretching- what point taken for 30 seconds? point of tension
Front squat vs back squat front or back placement of bar
Transverse plane horizontal abduction
BMI higher risk of disease obese (30-35)
Two most common tests for agility t-test and pro agility test
What is affected by a sprain? ligament
What considered least when progressing a training program gender
FITT-VP frequency, intensity, time, type, volume, progession
3 parts cardio warm up, endurance, cool-down
ROM range of motion
5 types of stretching static, dynamic, proprioceptive neural facilitation (PNF), passive, ballistic
static stretching normal stretching
dynamic stretching involved in a warm-up
PNF stretching contract-relax (proprioceptive neural facilitation)
Passive stretching someone else pushing
Ballistic stretching jerky (not suitable for most people)
first step in setting up a personal training business develop a business plan
Queen’s college step test step onto box; 24 rpm for men and 22 for women, determine heart rate after, use table to find VO2 max
DOMS delayed onset muscle soreness (not necessarily a goal of resistance training)
What type of cardio for client w/ no previous training experience treadmill walking
Who benefits most from RPE? older adults
Where to spot incline bench between lifter’s hands
Isometric same length when contracting
Who benefits form neuromotor exercise? everyone!
First step in screening process medical clearance
What only increases at submax and may decrease at max? stroke volume
Isokinetic muscle contracts over a motion at a constant speed
Eccentric muscle lengthening during the action
Isometric muscle length stays constant during the period of force
Isotonic constant level of force production but the speed can vary
Vertical displacement jerk minimal 2-4 cm
When to re-assess body comp? 2-3 months
How long to hold stretches? 60 seconds
Best resistance for obese? squat
What type of resistance is used on a chains/barbell? variable
First line of defense in risk management written policies
Order of resistance exercises most complicated or difficult to least so
Top priority when selling sessions building rapport
Rockport one mile walk test time and heart rate
How much vigorous intensity exercise for trained endurance athlete? 2 hours
Situations that cause an individual to act triggers
# reps for normal person 8-12
passive stretching assistance from trainer
what happens before force production increases? hypertrophy
what type of insurance should trainers have? liability
second step of consultation review agenda
what 2 variable should remain constant in repeat tests? energy and movements
what variable should be increased last with cardio? frequency
what does a goniometer measure? range of motion
what phase of running is one leaning forward? acceleration
PAR Q purpose to identify those who need further medical evaluation
What does PAR Q stand for? physical activity readiness questionnaire
Primary movement of power clean extension
SCT 2 most important factors for behavior change self efficacy and outcome expectation
5 point contact position supine or seated
what does FITT VP stand for? frequency, intensity, time, type, volume, progression
who is contraindicated for 1.5 mile test? CHD, unconditioned beginners, should be able to jog continuously for 15 minutes
queens college step test 3 minutes; 22 steps per minute for women, 24 for men
astrand-rhyming test need to PARQ first; 6-minute submax to determine maximal aerobic capacity
YMCA submax test four stage format to determine CRF
What does CRF stand for? cardiorespiratory fitness
Most efficient way to determine training stress volume load
3 principles of resistance training specificity, progression, overload
how many skin fold sites? 9
four spine curves (top to bottom) cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral
flexion decrease of joint angle (usually forward in sagittal plane)
extension increase of joint angle (usually back in sagittal plane)
prone lying face down
supine lying straight up
ipilateral on the same side
contralateral on the opposite side
valgus bows out
varus bows in
abduction movement away from midline
adduction movement towards midline
pronation rotates inward
supination rotates outward
prochaska’s stages of change precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance
social cognitive theory describes interactions between personal factors, environmental factors, and behavioral factors
variable resistance devices pulley/lever that alters resistance throughout the movement to match the strength curve
dynamic constant external resistance devices (instead of isotonic) free weights; not necessarily one amount of force but constant resistance
length-tension relationship an optimal muscle length at which the potential for actin and myosin binding is greatest
force-velocity curve inverse relationship between muscle contraction speed and max force at that speed
force-couple relationship synergistic actions of muscles that surround a joint to produce movement
high intensity exercise requires a ___ work to rest ratio 1 to 10
biomechanics bodily motion and the causes behind these motions
what % HR is threshold 80%
T-test agility; 3 cones 5 yards apart and a 4th 10 yards away (form T)
Pro-agility test like T-test (agility) but on football field
What’s injured in tennis elbow? tendon outside the elbow
4 reasons for no sale failure to build value, failure to develop rapport, failure to ask for sale, inability to pay
how many minutes rest between max? 3 minutes
what exercise may require >1 spotter? back squat
what should be progressed first with cardio? duration
stride length 1.5 x leg length
VO2 at rest 3.5 mL/kg/min
Torque force x distance
How long should trainers keep records of their client’s medical history? 3-5 years
Where should waist circumference be measured? half way between xiphoid procress and umbilicus
High risk BMI range? 30-34.99 (>40 is extremely high)
Which is least reliable for VO2 test step test
What is the single best weightlifting test for total dynamic strength? 1 RM bench
3 steps of screening process risk classification, health-history eval, medical clearance
tort law civil wrong doing
how many CHO? 6-10g per kg
alarm reaction stage temporary decrease in performance due to DOMS
moderate risk definition 2+ risk factors for CVD without symptoms
low risk definition no known signs or symptoms of CV or metabolic disease
periodization planned distribution or variation in training means and methods
who would benefit from RPE older adults
what stage for setting goals preparation
3 general principles specificity, progression, overload
which stage is motivation the most important? contemplation
which skinfold is diagonal suprailiac
what must be determined during initial session? readiness to exercise/current stage of behavior change
how much rest plyos 60 seconds
how much rest high intensity 1 to 10
how much rest max THREE minutes
what body part touches floor for pushup test CHIN
what occurs in transverse plane horizontal abduction
why is bench not force output at high velocity too slow
whats not intended to improve power sprint drills
what % max should be done in reps 70-85%
how long at 85% intensity 30 seconds
How often to stretch? 3-4 days per week
What's not regulated by law in every state proper qualifications
What 2 phases of stride during sprinting flight and support
What allows heart to fill before contraction AV node
What's a bad test for young athlete Max squat could get injured
Who needs RPE older adults because of range of fitness
What type of equipment commercial grade
What to be looking for with free weights fatigue
What has lowest return on investment advertising
order of exercise tests
When to recommend package? after assessments! (And goals)
How long to wait during skin fold 1-2 seconds
Which stage of change is motivation most important contemplation
How many calories to decrease weight loss 300
What must be determined during initial consultation readiness to change
What measure sprint speed 40 yard dash
SPO specificity, progression, overload
Second most common claim injuries from equipment
Moderate risk 2 or more risk factors but not signs of CVD
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