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Jeopardy - Equine

What are the most common sites for blood gas analyzing? transverse facial artery and dorsal metatarsal artery
What are the three species in the equis that we study? assinus, cabalus, zebra
Define parissodactyl Odd toes
How is a pony measured? In hands from the ground to the withers
How is a miniature horse measured? from the ground to the last true hairs
Define Dysphagia? Difficulty eating or swallowing
When might you lift a horses leg as a way of restraint? To keep a figity horse still
How far behind a horse should you walk? either directly behind while touching, or 15 feet
What is the kick zone? 5.5 to 8 feet
Name 3 types of bedding Straw, wood chips, peat moss
If breeding fails how many weeks before a mare can be bred again. 3 weeks
Where are the horses blind spots? Directly behind or directly in front of
How is the skin prepped for venus blood draw? aseptically with alcohol
What twitch is used as a last resort? Ear twitch
What is a butt rope used for? To leed a foal
What is a con to using straw bedding? Dusty, not as absorbant
What is artificial light used for? To stimulate the mares estrus cycle
What 5 sites are commonly used for blood draws? Jugular, cephalic, saphenous, lateral thoracic, coccygeal
What is the most common way to collect seaman? artificial
What percentage of body weight should the horse be fed? 1.5%
What 4 things may affect the presence of entroliths? High level of mineral concentration, high alfalfa diets, no wheat bran, and a high cecum pH.
When are foals typically weaned? 6 mos
How much milk does a foal consumed in a day during the first month? 17.4 kgs
Define colic: Nonspecific abdominal pain
What type of estrus cycle do mares have? Seasonal Polyestrus
What is the average gestational period for a horse? 330-345 days
What are the two most important minerals in a horses diet? Calcium and Phosphorus
Define Filly: Female under 4 yrs of age
What anticoagulant is used for blood gas sampling. heprin
What does it mean when a horse is stomping? It's annoyed
What does it mean when an ears horses are rapidly swiveling? extra alert or anxious
When are vaccutainers not indicated for use in a horse? Foals or needle shy patients
Define weanling: Recently weaned
What is a pro to using wood shavings? Absorbant
What are 2 muscles you could give an IM injection into semitendinonous, lateral cervical muscle, gluteal, pectorals
What is the primary cause of the quittor? puncture wound
What 5 successes need to occur in order to produce a life foal. Breeding, implantation, conception, gestation, partruition
What do large strongyle adults cause in the horse? anemia
What are the layers of a bandage? wound dressing, layer that holds the wound dressing in place, padding, securing layer, finishing layer
What is the family of bandages that is used to cover open or traumatic wounds of the hoof? hoof bandage
What is another name for a field block Line block
What are the main muscles of concern with compartment syndrome masseters, gluteals, quadriceps, triceps
What are the four categories of passive transfer Total failure, Partial failure, Excellent, Adequate
What are the 4 ways a lameness can be classified? compensatory/complimentory, weight bearing, non-weightbearing, and mixed
How soon after locoweed before you see a reaction? 2 weeks
What is the most common cause of dystocia? malposition
How many doses of rabies are given to the foal? 2
What are the 3 risk factors for ocular squamous cell carcinoma? areas of uv exposure, light pigmentation around the eyes, high altitudes
What is the only optional layer of a bandage? finishing layer
What is the first priority once the foal is born? make sure it's breathing
What are the 3 stages of parturition? Agitated and restless/prep, actual birth, delivery of placenta
How is threadworm diagnosed? Fecal Float
What are the 3 general reasons for lameness pain, neurological, mechanical interference
What type of lesion does a stomach worm cause? summer sore
How many hours after ingestion can red maple leaf cause deat? 24-48 hrs
How many times per year is it recommended to do a fecal floatation? twice
What are the 3 types of botulism? wound botulism, shaker foal, food borne
How often should the umbilicus be checked at least 2x/day
What is the large animal version of an e-collar called? neck cradle
What does the botulism vaccine primarily prevent? shaker foal
What are the two ways pinworms can be diagnosed? Visual, tape test
How is west nile virus transmitted? mosquito
What are the two forms of dorsal displacement of the soft palate intermittent and chronic
What do blister beetles feed on? alfalfa
What disease does yellow star thistle cause? chewing disease
How soon does death occur after ingestion of yew? 2-3 hrs
What is another name for non-weightbearing lameness swinging leg disorder
What is the primary protection against compartment syndrome Keeping blood pressure up
What kind of strain is the anthrax vaccine? live
What is septic arthritis called in foals? joint ill
What is the last resort to remove a foal during parturition? c-section
Why are anticholinergic commonly used for preanesthetic combinations? anticholinergic are not commonly used because they can reduce GI mobility and cause colic
What percentage of foals die within the first 48 hrs? 2%
Where should vaccines be stored? Middle of the fridge
What equipment is needed for a dental exam? bucket or table for dental tools, light, syringe, speculum
What time of day do the majority of births typically occur? night
What age do most horses require dental floating? 3-4 years
Who is equine influenza fatal in? zebras, donkeys, debilitated horses, foals
What is the most important layer of a bandage? padding
What is considered the neonatal period? first 4 to 5 days of life
What is the most nerve wracking part of anesthesia? recovery
What teeth are not always present in the horse? canines, wolf teeth
What are the 4 basic gates? walk, trot, canter, gallop
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