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Medical meanings

Definitions of prefix's and roots

Patho-, Disease
- gen something that produces
leuk, leuko- white
phag, phage eat or eater
-cytes cells
macro- large
lymph, lympho water
-itis inflammation
patho- disease
dys- bad
enteron intestine
-iasis diseased condition
-osis disease
osteo- refers to the bones
poros passage or pore (opening)
arterio- arteries
scler-, sclera- hard
con- with
genus birth
an- without
-hemia, -emia condition of the blood
psycho- mind
soma body
-iasis diseased condition
carcino- refers to cancer
-oma refers to a tumor
sarc-, sarco flesh
myel-, myelo- bone marrow
oncologist this doctor treats cancer
Cardiologist This doctor treats diseases and disorders of the cardiovascular system
arterio- arteries
sclera- hard
coronary refers to the heart
my-, myo refers to the muscles
cardio- refers to the heart
infarction refers to the death of an area of tissue due to insufficient blood supply
derm refers to skin
-itis inflammation
-pathy disease
Dermatologist This doctor treats skin diseases and disorders
Endocrinologist This doctor treats diseases and disorders of the endocrine system
Nephrologist This doctor treats kidney diseases
Urologist This doctor treats diseases and disorders of the urinary system
ur-, uro- refers to the urinary tract
pneumo- refers to the lungs
Neurologist This doctor treats diseases and disorders of the nervous system
en- in, inside, or within
cephal refers to the head
Hematologist this doctor treats blood diseases and disorders
hema-,hemo blood
hepat-, hepato- liver
syndrome refers to the collection of several diseases or conditions thought to share a common cause
Created by: Leslie Spark