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chapter 2-6

anterolateral pertaining to the front and to (one) side
mediolateral pertaining to the middle and to (one) side
distal pertaining to away (from the point of attachment)
inferolateral pertaining to below and to (one) side
superolateral pertaining to above and to (one) side
dermatitis inflamation of the skin
dermatopathologist physician who (microscopically) studies diseases of the skin
intradermal pertaining to within the skin
percutaneous pertaining to through the skin
melanoma black tumor (malignant, primarily of the skin)
hypocapnia condition of deficient carbon dioxide
hypercapnia condition of excessive carbon dioxide
larynagectomy excision of the larynx
nasopharyngitis inflammation of the nose and pharynx
spirometer instrument used to measure breathing (lung volume)
cystostomy creation of an artificial opening into the bladder
hematuria condition of blood in the urine
pyelolithotomy incision into the renal pelvis to remove stone(s)
urethrocystitis inflamation of the urethra and bladder
nephrotomy incision into the kidney
cervicitis inflammation of the cervix
dysmenorrhea painful menstrual flow
gyneocologist physician who studies and treats diseases of women
hysterorrhaphy suturing of the uterus
oophoropexy surgical fixation of the ovary
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